Nothing about our brains is set in stone. Our brains aresurprisingly dynamic; it can adapt, heal, renew or rewire itself.

What you do or don't do daily is changing your brain for better orworse. But it can never too late rejuvenate, remodel and reshape your brain tostay in peak condition.

There are lots of crazy claims out there about how to be moreintelligent and train your brain to be smarter or healthier. In light of that,here are a few ways to help you reach your full intellectual potential andenhance your brain health.

Learn NewThing before Going to the Bed

Learn new things that are related to or unrelated to what younormally do. You can learn a new skill, learn to dance, take up drawing,design, etc. Doing something every day that stretches you and makes yousomewhat uncomfortable enhances your brain capacity.

When you learn a new language, it makes the brain grow byincreasing grey matter in the areas related to the use of language. Apart fromenhancing your brain, it also helps you focus by ignoring irrelevantinformation. Just make sure, don't do what you have always done.

Keep YourBody Active

Physical activities boost your "happy" mood chemicals through therelease of endorphins. They help rid your mind and body of tension alleviatinganxiety supporting you to calm down. Like the body, the brain also needsregular exercise to stay flexible. Physical activities stimulate neurogenesisor the growth of new brain cells that enhance overall brain function. New braindevelopment keeps your brain young and in shape, allowing you to be morepliable, clear and efficient in your decision making, higher thinking, andlearning capacities. Exercise is also great for boosting self-confidence andyour perception of your attractiveness and self-worth.

Do the BrainTraining

Psychologists have known for quite some time that fundamentalcognitive skills are fairly stable throughout our life. Now, one of the bestplayers on the self-improvement scene is thought to be brain training, withpromises of genuine improvements to our fundamental cognitive skills likeworking memory and decision-making speed.

Mindfulnessis a Phenomenon

Meditation is considered as a best practice to improve our mentalhealth. The simple idea of being present throughout your day means being moreconscious of life as it happens and noticing any tension or preoccupations ofthe mind, without any judgment improves mental health. Many studies have provedthat meditation can "permanently rewire" your brain to raise levels ofhappiness. Human beings are on auto-pilot most of the time, start noticing theworld around you.

HavingEmotional Support is Important

When you have a healthy and loving relationship, it automaticallyboosts your happiness, success, and longevity by boosting your capacity tofunction in life. A strong social network reduces stress, gives you a sense ofbelonging and provides you life the deeper meaning it needs. When you are lovedand loving, and carving out quality time to grow these relations, you becomeelevated, encouraged and exalted to enjoy your life fully.

ProperSleeping is the Secret

Most of the people do not take good sleep seriously but, if yousleep poorly, your brain shrinks. Studies have shown that those people who havetrouble sleeping, or not getting enough sleep is linked to rapid reductions intheir brain volume. The decline badly affects important areas of the brainwhere language, touch, balance and the ability to calculate mathematically or takethe decision to reside.

Quality sleeps repairs and stores the brain. Improve your sleephabits to enhance your brain health. 7-8 hours of good sleep is compulsory tostimulate new connections and brain development.

Don't IgnoreYour Diet

Good and healthy nutrition is amazing in supporting your mind aswell as your body. Take your diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts,unsaturated oils and plant sources of proteins, it will develop cognitiveimpairment and dementia.

Take care ofBlood Pressure, Sugar and Cholesterol

High blood pressure in midlife can increase the risk of cognitivedecline in old age. Follow the lifestyle modification to keep your pressure aslow as possible. Diabetes is a vital risk factor for dementia. It can helpprevent diabetes by eating right, exercising regularly, and staying lean. Incase, you stay high, you will require medication to get proper control. Highlevels of LDL cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of dementia.Improve your cholesterol level with proper diet, exercise, weight control andavoiding tobacco.

Whether you are 25 or 65, consider adopting these simpletechniques that can help your brain grow new cells, form new neural pathways,enhance cognition, and keep your outlook positive and sharp.

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