We are sure that you have been listening that "early to bed andearly to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise" since your childhood butnot many understand the science behind it. Most of the millennial believe thatgetting sufficient sleep is more important for a healthy life but that's notthe case when you will hear the benefits of waking up early.

The idea of waking up at 5 in the morning can sound awful to youwhen you have a habit of waking up at 10 or 11 daily. But as you began tosettle into your new morning practice, you will find it much easier to wake upbefore the alarm rings. Then, a few weeks into it, you will be waking up at5:00 without even having to set my alarm–and you will be waking up energizedand ready to tackle my day.

In this post, we are going to uncover seven of the biggest benefitsof waking up early. Mind you, this list is not all-inclusive, as the possiblebenefits of taking up this habit stretch far beyond the scope of this articlealone.  But consider the following to bethe biggest "wins" by building this important habit.

  1. Providesyou the time to exercise

One of the biggest benefits of waking up early is that it gives youthat extra time for exercise. There can be endless days when you will find anexcuse to skip the gym at night but waking up early means you have that extratime which you can invest in your body.

Early waking will allow you to get your out of the way and youwouldn't have to think about it for the rest of the day. Beginning the day witha healthy workout will help you to burn more calories during the day and yoursleep will also improve. Further, studies have shown that exercising in themorning can help improve your decision-making skills for the remainder of theday and increase your sense of happiness due to the release of endorphins youwill experience.

  • Yourconfidence will ascend

Having self-confidence can have lifetime benefits as it will helpyou to lead a life with a positive attitude. Doing things your way willdrastically improve your mood in unlimited ways and it will give you a sense ofresponsibility.

However, we are hard-wired to engage in social comparison–we all doit every day, whether it's about how much money someone else makes or theawards someone wins at work for consistently meeting their goals, we often makeourselves feel bad in some way when we compare ourselves to other people.However, this tendency toward social comparison can be used to better your liferather than bringing you down. Now, you're not looking for ways that you areintrinsically better than others, but when you get up early in the morning andstart getting things crossed off of your to-do list, you can certainly feelbehaviourally superior to others who are dragging themselves into work at thevery last minute. Starting your day early can improve your confidencedrastically.

  • Benefityour long-term career

Whether you're loving your current career or desperately trying toget out of it, waking up early in the morning can help you be productive withyour work.  If you are working in acorporate then you are undoubtedly used to being diverted frequently with phonecalls, emails, or people stopping by your desk, which can put huge damage toyour productivity. All you need is complete silence for a few hours where you canfocus on yourself.

Alternatively, if you do not love your job, you can use the calm ofthe early morning for two things, either looking for another job or growingyour side business. Let's face it, looking for a job can be a full-time job initself, and you can't be pulling up job-searching websites while you're atwork. You will get further in your job hunt if you take the time in the morningto do your research and polish up your resume as you're applying to jobs.

Alternatively, if you have a hobby that you love doing that you wantto turn into a career, the morning is the perfect time to refine that. Youwon't be able to achieve your dream of making your side business your primarysource of income unless you're able to put in the time. Investing time in yourdreams at the beginning of the day can massively motivate you to achieve it.

  • Enhancesyour productivity

Our brains are the most alert during the morning hours, so if youcan have this uninterrupted time to focus, you will be able to accomplish morethan you otherwise would. People also typically make more rational decisions inthe morning than they do later in the afternoon after they have been decidingdecision all day long. You need to prioritize your tasks and remove a fewunproductive things of your list before everyone wakes up.

  • Improvesmental health

All of these benefits put together to lay the foundation for bettermental health. All the above-mentioned points will eventfully improve yourpsychological well being. Being in good mental health helps you realize yourfull potential in life, cope with any stressors that come your way, help youthink, create and maintain relationships, and make valuable decisions. Going tosleep earlier and waking up earlier is linked to having a more stable personalitywhile staying up late and sleeping in can lead to the development of depression.

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