Algoro Research Consultants

Empowering Businesses Through Proficient Insights and Exposure
Algoro Research Consultants
Algoro Research ConsultantsEmpowering Businesses Through Proficient Insights and Exposure

Algoro Research Consultants: Empowering Businesses Through Proficient Insights and exposure

Market Research in India is not a very modern concept. It is about three decades old.  In the first decade, there were 2-3 key players. The second decade saw the evolution of more companies owing to growth opportunities.

Market research in India has grown over the years and moved towards becoming an industry from a craftsman's guild. The search industry has been flourishing by 30% for the past three years.

The estimated expense of market research activities is over $35 million. Present-day, there are about 200 firms in the country rendering marketing research services.

Algoro Research Consultant is a renowned name among them. It entered the market in the year 2015 to provide customized solutions. The company supports businesses in determining essential insights.

The market research reports presented by the company comprise the best market analysis. Also, it comprises the appropriate statistical and analytical information on markets, applications, industry analysis, market shares, technology, technical shifts, important players, and advancements in the market.

Pankaj Wamanrao Bomble the CEO of Algoro, elaborates, "Reports and Markets boast upon a comprehensive list of market research reports, which we have collated from thousands of publishers all across the world."

He proudly claims, "We have comprehensive reports covering each category and subcategory of a broad range of market research reports. Thus, we remain the first preference for numerous companies and agencies requiring a wide range of market research reports, report customization services, ancillary services along with the newsletter, and corporate service for big business groups."

This has, therefore, supported companies of all sizes across the world and diverse industry domains to leverage its in-depth market reports.

The organization caters to the insight of the emerging trends, opportunities, possible risks, and other elements that encourage the companies to sustain in the long run in this fierce competition.

Reports and Markets has a competent team and remains abreast with all the happenings in this domain. It works closely with clients offering the most competitive and realistic advice with relevant market research reports.

"Our team remains indispensable with its competitive by staying well-informed about the emerging market research trends, market research publications, and the industry verticals. This has encouraged many companies and organizations to obtain the market research according to their requirements at the most competitive cost"


Service Portfolio

Algoro Research brings market research reports that offer clients the highest return on their investment. A majority of market research reports are sought by companies and corporations, considering their value-added services.

Here, market reports work on two key parameters – scope and methodology.

The market research reports presented by the Algoro team allow companies to find the best outcome, by keeping them under guidance in the competitive environment. Some of the major services offered by the company include:

  • Research Reports

  • Industrial Survey

  • Product Research

  • Consulting Service

  • Marketing and Media and more

"Our Research Specialists are known for their in-depth knowledge about the different publishers and the diversity found in the wide range of reports in their respective industries. We support people in refining all the search parameters, reviewing the scope and methodology of the reports clients choose. We locate the full range of available reports. Thus, offer them the most informed and objective advice to ensure that our clients end up making the best research purchase decisions"

  Pankaj clarifies.

Regardless of the services people ask, like competitive analysis of the current or emerging market reports or the product trends for their new products. Algoro Research has the best research offerings and expertise to ensure they rightly get the most critical information they require.

By broadening their options, they would naturally find themselves choosing Algoro, much like numerous other prominent brands that have become its clients. This decision would consequently provide them with a distinct competitive advantage in their business endeavors.

Algoro Research Consultants

Idea Innovation

Pankaj recollects, "It all began way back in 2012 when I just finished my MBA, and I relate to the business family, but I decided to go against the flow. 

I opted for a job in Chennai as an IT CONSULTANT, and then my love for market research and consulting took the boost. I came back from Chennai and joined the best name in research in Pune. On one fine day, this idea took shape, and now it's a reality."

Apart from his passion for market research, Pankaj wanted to do something in his hometown to boost employment in general, as most of the young students go outside of Nagpur in search of jobs. So, he came up with this company in Nagpur.

Challenges at the Initial phase

'Every good work comes with difficulties.' The company was started with a vision to provide jobs to the best talent. But funding was becoming a hurdle in that path. 

To resolve it, Pankaj took a loan from his dad and invested all his savings in it. Initially, he started with a team size of 4.  It was very risky, and he had to suffer a lot of complications. But with time, everything came under control, and the company is on its progressive path.

Unique Factors

  • Algoro Research has risen as a renowned market research company in a very short period.

  • There is a team of highly specialized research and analytics professionals.

  • It provides customized results-driven, high-quality research services.

  • The company uses cutting-edge data analysis and visualization tools to bring out insights to help business.

  • Clients are given the utmost satisfaction.

  • Timely Delivery and Affordable Cost.

The Team is the Major Strength

The company started with 4 people, now it is a team of 160 expert professionals working in different departments, including marketing, sales, after-sales, and operation.

The entire team understands the customer needs and designs custom market research surveys. Experienced field researchers collect high-quality data using mobile technology and deliver great value to clients.

"When it comes to market research, there is no'one-size-fits-all' solution, and this is especially true as we work across varied domains and verticals. Our team understands it well and work accordingly."

Pankaj stated. 

Major Clients

  • Facebook

  • Sony

  • Samsung

  • Gartner

  • Deloitte

  • Xperia

  • Microsoft

  • United States President's Office

Potent Leadership

Pankaj Wamanrao Bomble


Pankaj Wamanrao Bomble is the main guiding force behind Algoro Research Consultants. The company is enjoying the success journey because of his outstanding leadership. He is positioned as CEO here.

Pankaj aims to emerge as the largest market research service provider backed by modern technology and innovation. He is disrupting the entire market research industry with his unparalleled approach and working strategy.

Achit Kubade

Managing Director

Achit Kubade is another important pillar of the organization. As a managing director, he has a critical role to play, and Archit is performing his responsibility extremely well.

With the vision to provide a better working, employee-friendly organization and nurture great talents for the future, he continually takes up challenges assigned by the board and delivers the best.  

He holds over 10 years of experience in the field of Information technology and Business Management and Analysis as well. Archit Started as an Executive in IT way back in 2002 and has been part of two startups. He likes to take up things multiangle and give his best when required.

The journey of 12 years has been ways of all up and downs ACHIT Recollects. "When you have very limited, you have to give the best. Time test you, but keep doing your work with full dedication you will give your best .''

Algoro Research Consultants
Algoro Research Consultants
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