The Paragon of Excellent Leadership in Sales and Marketing Endeavors
SHYAM SUNDAR BHAGATThe Paragon of Excellent Leadership in Sales and Marketing Endeavors

SHYAM SUNDAR BHAGAT: The Paragon of Excellent Leadership in Sales and Marketing Endeavors

Shyam Sundar Bhagat, a trailblazer in response management, fulfilment, promotions, events, and roadshows, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding Brandbaron. This venture stands as a Marketing Process Outsourcing Organization (MPO).

Shyam's extensive experience springs from his assuming key positions at various known agencies and media houses. The visionary in him envisages how a good object achievement stage in all sales and marketing endeavours could morph the ever-evolving business landscape in India.

Established in 2006, Brandbaron is a marketing Process Outsourcing Organization (MPO). It partners with its clients from the Object-setting stage to the Object achievement stage in all their sales and marketing endeavours.

The value proposition of Brandbaron is straightforward- "we work with you as a virtual extension of your marketing team."

They act not only as advisers but also as execution partners by taking complete ownership of the results, evaluating companies' objectives, and re-proposing the objectives after a brief research on the related subjects.

The company works as a one-stop BTL solution to the corporate house, i.e. events, promotions, roadshows, retail branding, activation, and exhibition.

When the journey was started in 2006, at that time they had a small team. Now, Brandbaron is a team of 25+ proficient professionals catering to all ranges of servicing in terms of bouquet services. 

They are presently in the fourteenth year with a very strong base of clients like Usha International, HDFC, OLX India, Yamaha, Honda Cars, Times Of India, Nikon India, Zoome MeMobile, Fujifilm India, Tata Motors, LG Electronics, Goodyear India, HarmanInternational ( JBL), Auraine Botanical ( GK Hair), Blaupunkt India and Ahluwalia Contracts.

There is always something to take from the treasure of a person who has built up his expertise and become a renowned name in the industry.

With a fervent dedication to elevating marketing strategies through impactful and streamlined tools, Shyam Sundar Bhagat led the way for Brandbaron Marketing Private Limited. His visionary approach aims to leverage progress in propelling meaningful change. We had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the visionary behind the brand for deeper insights.

Here is an edited excerpt

SCM: At the outset, please give us a glimpse of your personal life and family.

Shyam: I have done Post Graduation in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology. I am married to Mrs. Reena Bhagat, another director in all my entities.

We have two kids. My elder son named, Saksham Bhagat, is in 11th Standard, and my Daughter, Nayana Bhagat, is in 6th Standard. They are studying at Tagore International School, East of Kailash.

My family is my support system. My wife always stands up in all the ups and downs. My kids are my real inspiration. Their smiling face always encourages me to go higher and do better.

What is Leadership Exploitation?

SCM: Provide a brief overview of your professional journey.

Shyam: Accumulating a wealth of expertise spanning more than 25 years, I began my journey in 1992 as an agency professional at Result: McCann, a part of the global McCann Erickson network. I initially contributed to their promotions team and later transitioned to spearheading their response management initiatives.

He worked with them till November 2000, then moved to a company called Goto Customer Services Pvt Ltd ( which is CPM India now). He joined them in Dec 2000 as Manager Operations and left them in November 2003.

Then joined  Evolve Brands Private Limited, a Loyalty services provider in the domestic market as National Head-Operations & Events in December 2003.

At Evolve Brands Private Limited. I handled multiple Gurus Events -Harry Beckwith, Operation Excellence, Kenichi, and Live Leadership, David Norton.

Along with the above,  key accounts undertaken were Sify, JK Tyre, Dalda, Times Internet, ICICI Bank, SAP, and Eagle Homes for their various promotional activities and events throughout the country. He worked with them till July 2006.

Post that I took the foundation of my current venture called Brandbaron Marketing Private Limited.

SCM: Do you see yourself as a dominant leader in the event management industry in India? Why?

Shyam: Today, we deal with many clients to fulfill their marketing objectives in all ways. Be it communicating with PR agencies, Media houses, Creative Agencies, and Marketing consultancies. We handle the entire marketing campaign from start to finish with care.

We always try to keep abreast of updated technical means and use them while doing marketing promotions. We adopt cost-effective strategies to execute the objectives and achieve results.

Overall, we provide end-to-end results backed by the latest technology at an affordable cost that makes us a prominent name in the industry.

SCM: How does your organization define and measure success?

Shyam: The success of a business in our industry is measured as the number of orders in a year with the existing client and getting new orders from new clients.

SCM: What does it take to become successful in event planning? Does this profession demand specific characteristics, or is it just about how creatively one approaches event projects?

Shyam: Yes, this industry runs from the thought of your need with innovative creativity in terms of visibility.

SCM:  Please take us to the routine of your day, from the time you wake up to the time you go off to sleep. Also, share your hobbies.

Shyam: Usually I wake up at 6.00 a.m. and reach the office at 9- 9.30 a.m. Then do team meetings, office business follow-ups, execution plans, and explore new opportunities during the daY. I stay in the office till 7 pm on a usual day or as per work requirement.

I am a diehard fan of cricket and badminton and like to play in my free time. Besides, I believe books are the best source of knowledge, and I read different books while spending time with my daughter. I also watch some cartoons on TV with her.

SCM: What advice would you give to young event planners, who want to start their career in this domain?

Shyam: I have only one piece of advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have the zeal to take up challenges in life, and a passion for events then only choose this field.

SCM: What is your favourite quote?

Shyam: Think Positive; Believe in yourself; Be your HERO.

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