iEnergizer: revolutionizing the BPO industry since inception under the dynamic leadership of Adarsh Kumar

iEnergizer: revolutionizing the BPO industry since inception under the dynamic leadership of Adarsh Kumar

iEnergizer: revolutionizing the BPO industry sinceinception under the dynamic leadership of Adarsh Kumar

With its expertise,skills, and technical innovation, iEnergizer identifies opportunities, overcomehurdles, and define realistic targets for maximum accomplishments.

Business process outsourcing or BPO in India has evolved fromits traditional way of trading to the status of a strategic differentiatorglobally. The advanced Business Process Services comprises everything fromsimple task-based processes to the knowledge-intensive and industry-specificprocesses that traditional BPO outsourcing doesn't usually touch. It hastransformed the way the world does business. This industry is a perfect blend of people, processes, and technologythat aims to maximize revenue, decrease costs, and drive growth throughinnovation. Presently, the contact centre technology is the foundation on whichthe entire BPO business resides.

iEnergizer started its BPO Operations in the year 2000 and isknown as a holistic next-generation business process management solutionsprovider. The company has more than 14,000 employees providing services to someof the leading companies and brands across the globe.  It has expertise across verticals and haspartnered with Fortune 500 companies in India as well as abroad. At iEnergizer,the solutions and transformational outcomes are in accordance with the evolvingneeds of the digital world.  iEnergizeris a unique service provider where customer support is not a service, it is anattitude. It has proven expertise and an excellent track record in maintaininglong-lasting relationships with clients.

Verticals Serviced byiEnergizer

iEnergizer provides Contact Centre Services across variousverticals and these include Automobiles, Electronics, Home Appliances, andWhite Goods, Travel, Travel, and Tourism, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Education,Gaming, BFSI Segment, etc. Verticals and Domains serviced by iEnergizer areoffered complete bouquet Services and these offerings are well aided with 'BusinessAnalysis', use of AI and Process Automation. Channels used are Voice, Email,Chat, Back office, Social Media, and all other Omni Channels.   

iEnergizer operates from different locations with flagshipfacility being in Delhi NCR (Noida). Noida Facility has sprawling Campus spreadover 600,000 square feet of area. This state of the art Facility has amenitieslike Football and Cricket Ground, indoor Badminton and TT Halls, Gymnasium,well-equipped Auditorium, Food Courts, etc. Apart from Noida, iEnergizer alsohas setups at Dehradun, Pune, Chennai, and few other locations including Austinin the US.

How doesthe company motivate employees, enhances relationships and creates employeesatisfaction with perfect work environment?

Employee motivation is an important and critical aspect atiEnergizer and is looked upon as one of the important tools for enhancedperformance, quality, and productivity of the employees.

Various employee-centric plans, policies, and activities areundertaken to motivate employees and create a perfect work environment.Endeavour is to have a happy and smiling employee who contributes his/her bestand adds significantly to overall performance.  

The outcome of continued employee focused endeavour is thatmost of the employees at the senior positions have been with iEnergizer formore than 12 years.  Middle-levelManagement and Support Staff also show tenure of plus 6 years with theOrganization. iEnergizer provides growth opportunities to its employees alongwith 'Work-Life Balance'.  Enhancedlearning opportunity, well-defined rewards system, etc. are some of the factorsadding to the motivation of employees. 

Following facilities are extended to all employees formotivation and create a perfect work environment:

  • Enhanced Training
  • Welfare scheme & benefits
  • Health
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Referral Bonus Program
  • Promotional Schemes and Tie-ups
  • Exposure to the international work environment, global bestpractices
  • Comprehensive package & benefits

Additional initiativesto add to Employee Satisfaction include:

  • Employee Rewards, Recognition, and development
  • Mentor Program
  • PEP Program
  • Meet and Greet Program
  • Compensation & Incentive Plan
  • Performance Linked Bonus Plan
  • Attendance Bonus Plan
  • Loyalty Program & Plan
  • Staff Engagement Process

There are a lot of activities which are done to strengthenthe relationship. iEnergizer brings policies that are employees favourable andcreate a growing environment.


At IENERGIZER, Employee satisfaction is looked upon as animportant tool to enhance employee performance by meeting and exceeding theirexpectations. Additionally, different tools and methods are used to measure andgauge employee satisfaction at every level of work and management. Theseinclude:

  • Formal meetings with the team
  • Informal feedback session with the team members
  • Day end huddles
  • Skip level meetings by the senior management members and verticalheads
  • Suggestion and drop boxes installation at various locations in theoffice
  • Reach Out Initiative: Any complaint or suggestion can bemarked to an email address marked as 'REACH OUT' – this email and communicationis directly addressed by COO's office

Employee SatisfactionSurveys

Formation of various committees like food committee, culturalcommittee, employee welfare committee, sport & extra-curricular activitycommittee brings satisfaction in employees. Employees of all the cadres andsections represent these committees and give their views, suggestions, andparticipate in decision making.

Company'soverall management style

Management's methodology at iEnergizer is extremelytransparent and is based on enhancing 'Efficiency and Effectiveness'.  Concept of 'Work & Accomplish Together'is observed across the organization and approach towards work and employees is'Progressive and democratic'.  'EmployeeFirst' is the slogan for every Manager, and a lot of welfare and rewardingpolicies are in place to benefit employees. Focus is on deployment and usingtechnologies based on Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, etc for achievingenhanced output at the desired quality.     

  Take me through the Interview Process

iEnergizer uses the latest tools in the evaluation andselection of a Resource. Hiring is not based on human judgment alone and isaided by an extremely well defined and well laid scientific process. Anapplicant is evaluated on predefined benchmarks relevant to their role (liketyping speed for Chat Process and language Proficiency for Voice Process etc).

A candidate goes through several rounds of screening and atlast a joint call is taken by HR and Ops about the hiring of Resource. 

Tools like OEPT (Online English Proficient Test), Versant,etc are extensively used to hire a suitable Resource.

How doyou support in Employee Development and growth?

Employee development and growth is important for enhancedproductivity and desired quality. There's well-defined methodology observed atiEnergizer for Employee development and growth.

Employee Development Programs orbit around the followingdoctrines:

  • Match different learningoptions to different learning styles
  • Serve the learning needs ofmore virtual teams
  • Deal with the short-shelflife of learning and development needs.
  • ●      Ignite managers' passion tocoach their employees
  • Teach employees to owntheir career development.
  • Build trust inorganizational leadership.
  •  Provide flexiblelearning options.

There's very high thrust on Training for Employee Developmentand Growth. Training Methodology constitutes of the following:

  • Simulation-basedtraining environment:
  • Classroom/on the job Training Processes
  • Capturetraining effectiveness for continuous improvement:
  • ProductSpecific Training
  • On-goingTraining:
  • Skill Enhancement Training (SET Program)
  • Certification Training

Following play an important role in Employee Development andGrowth:

  • KMS(   Knowledge Management system)
  • SEED(School for Employee Education and Development)
  • CST(Campaign Specific Training)

Take onemployee feedback

At iEnergizer, we feel that employeefeedback is extremely important as it contributes to increasedproductivity, retention, and team cohesion. It is the core of personal andprofessional growth.

Various channels are available to employees to provide theirfeedback.  These channels include:

  • Formal and informal meetings
  • Huddles
  • Pre-scheduled daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly reviews.
  • Feedback sessions
  • Surveys
  • Suggestion & Feedback Boxes
  • Special Grievances Cell
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Skip Level Meetings
  • 360-degree feedback sessions

 Feedback receivedthrough various Channels is analysed and used for overall development andevaluation of Processes and Organization.

Do thecompany's different departments ever collaborate with one another? What kindsof people seem to succeed in this company/department?

At iEnergizer, Management believes and follows the concept of'Working and Succeeding Together'. All the departments and factions collaborateand contribute to the organization's success in one way or another. Everydepartment has a core team reporting into a centralized leadership team knownas 'Senate'. Effective Policies, Procedures, and Plans are premeditated with participationand feedback from all quarters of Organization to ensure that all factionscollaborate with each other towards the achievement of common goals. 

Collaboration amongst different departments isbased on the following elements:

●      Establishing organizational,departmental, and team goals

●      Communicate expectationsand deliverables

●      Setting the expectations byCreating a clear and compelling cause

●      Leveraging team-memberstrengths and skills

●      Encourage participation andinnovation

●      Inculcate and ensurecohesion between departments and team members

●      Recognize, reward andcelebrate collaborative behaviour

 What arethe milestones of the organization?

iEnergizer started its Operations about 19 years back withabout 100 Resources and has come a long way since then to be one of the largestContact Centres in India in its category of pure third-party players today.iEnergizer's evolution from a humble beginning to a strong Organization with14000 plus Resources is a testimony of its professional and client-centricapproach. With services being delivered across all business verticals andthrough all possible channels, iEnergizer today is recognized as a hallmark of'Quality and Excellence with cost-effective Solutions '. The vintage of Clientswith iEnergizer, Awards, Appreciations, and Acknowledgements from Clients andService Partners add strength to iEnergizer's claim of seamless delivery andhigh business ethical values. Operations from multiple locations using thelatest technology and incorporating the latest trends like businessanalytics,   Artificial Intelligence,Chat Bouts, etc. makes iEnergizer a preferred service partner for anyorganization. Fact that iEnergizer's first Client is still continuing with itis the biggest proof of above-mentioned facts. 

The Roadto be taken

iEnergizer's focus is to further excel its deliverablesthrough a mix of innovative technologies and use professional Human ResourceTalent with an enhanced skill set. Its future strategies shall be based on thefollowing trends:

  • Use of new technologies
  • Emphasis on Process Automation.
  • Focus on Social Media Management Tools.
  • Multitasking to Overcome Skill Shortage

TheGuiding Force

Adarsh Kumar, COO of iEnergizer has been the guiding forcefor the Organization. Chartered Accountant by Profession, he has successfullyled the Organization to its present day status with all deliverables andcommitments duly met and overachieved. Adarsh, well supported by an extremelydedicated and focused team, is all set to take iEnergizer to next level ofService delivery and Process Excellence.    

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