Kids of today's generation hardly leave their smartphones and are generally busy with their social media and Netflix. But we especially the 90s kids spent their childhood watching various animated Hindi cartoons on television. There was no better way than cartoons available to calm down a baby from his crazy avatar.

No one wants to let his kid with the shows that are counterproductive for him, right? Let's help you narrow down your choices. We are here with the list of 10 best cartoons in India that you could happily encourage your kids to watch;

Tom and Jerry

In the list of top 10 cartoons in India, Tom and Jerry is one top position. This show has entertained us for more than 50 years not only in India but also all over the world. The story of this show revolves around a cat and a mouse that always fight with one another to fulfil their revenge. Tom and Jerry cartoon is an iconic American animated series and in India, it aired on Pogo and Cartoon Network.


The most popular cartoon series of all, Doremon is a popular cartoon in India. It was a Japanese manga series that was famous worldwide after its dubbing. The major characters Doremon itself, Nobita, Shizuka, and others were also very famous. The daily adventures and problems of nobita ads the series is very entertaining.

Chota Bheem

Well, Chota Bheem needs no introduction. It is quite a famous Hindi cartoon show and is one of the best cartoon shows in India. Bheem is the central character of the show. Bheem is inspired by the Pandava brother of the same name. Bheem is famous for his bravery, valor and intelligence is also righteous in his dealings with the world.

Shin Chan

A Japanese manga series aired on Hungama, Shin Chan is another popular cartoon in India. The show has now been dubbed in different languages. The series revolves around a little boy named 'Shin-chan' who seems to do everything he can to annoy his parents and teachers. This show is amazing and is favourite for people of all age groups.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean, we all know his name. He is not only popular in India but also all over the world, people like to watch a person make them laugh without speaking any word. Mr. Bean introduces two versions of the show first is TV Series and another is Animated Series. In India, the show streams on POGO channels.

Motu Patlu

One of the funniest and most popular cartoons of India, Motu Patlu is a great source of entertainment not only for kids but adults also. As shown in the name, Motu is a fat food freak, and Patlu is very thin. The biggest weakness of Motu is oil foods. The show presents all those quirky and interesting things both these characters come across.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

Another famous cartoon show in India, Oggy and the Cockroaches aired on Cartoon Network. There are various movies that are also made of this cartoon show. People mostly like this cartoon because in the show Hindi's voice of Oggy is like famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and Oggy's Brother's Voice is like Sunny Deol. All cockroaches speak in the Mumbai Tapori language.


Again a Hindi dubbed cartoon show, Hagemaru has a very big fanbase in India. The whole series was hilarious and filled with comedy scenes. The story of Hagemaru revolves around Hagemaru and his school life. The character with only 3 hairs was just an awesome cartoon character. His daily adventures were amazing.

Ninja Hattori

When it comes to the most popular cartoon in India 2019, how we can forget Ninja Hattori. Our entire childhood was spent watching this show on the NICK channel. This show has a huge fanbase in India. Although it was not made in India, it was dubbed in Hindi and is a quite popular Hindi cartoon in India. The story revolves around Hattori, Nobita and his family and that do Shishimanu.


One of the longest-running anime television series, Pokemon aired on Hungama. This show is based on the Pokemon video game series and is a famous cartoon show in India. The story of this show revolves around a 10-year body Ash Ketchum, who begins his journey in the world of Pokemon and dreams of becoming a Pokemon master.

So these are the best cartoon shows in India. We hope you like the article, please like and share the article. And, share your favourite cartoon show in the comment section below.

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