Landing Page Optimization in SEO for Beginners

Landing Page Optimization in SEO for Beginners

Landing Page Optimization in SEOfor Beginners

The main aim of any online marketer is to create and design a highlyresponsive landing page. It is created to make visitors click and visit anotherpage of your website so that you can offer them your product, services orsomething they are looking for.

Before creating a responsive webpage for your website, every onlinemarketer makes sure that it contains bold headlines, powerful CTA(call-to-action) and many attractive things for the visitors. But whileconsidering all this most of the marketers oversee the most important part of alanding page i.e. your targeted audience. If you have designed your landingpages considering your target audience and focussing on customer engagementstrategies, then the visitors will surely land on your page.

What is an SEO, Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage which is designed with in-depth contentand optimized for both users and search engines. These pages have many featureswhich make it attractive to the algorithms that decide whether the page shouldbe ranked or not.

People assume it's not important to optimize the landing pages asmost marketing campaigns are relatively for a limited time and at some point,they are right as most of the promotions are for a short period. But still, itis important to optimize your landing page accordingly.

How to Create a Responsive LandingPage?

  • Publish to a custom URL

Once you have created a landing page using a CMS (content managementsystem) you get two choices, you can publish it on a sub-domain or the maindomain name. You page will gain an advantage if you post in on your main domainas it will help in boosting your page rank in search engine with your selectedkeyword.

  • Selectyour Keywords

Keyword is the term that you put in the search box to find therelevant information.

Finding relevant keywords for your business could be a dauntingprocess. But, you can start it by making a list of the terms that are relevantto your webpage. Now try to find the combinations of those terms, someone mighttype in Google to search what you are offering.

For instance, you are a Doctor in Gurugram, and you are creating alanding page targeting the patients who are suffering from asthma. Instead ofgoing for broader terms such as Doctor for asthma, or physician for asthma, tryfor "Doctor for asthma in Gurugram" or "Doctor for asthma near me" somethingmore precise. It is easy to rank long-tail keywords and they also producebetter ROI when compared to short-tail keywords.

  • Placekeywords on your landing page strategically

Picking the right and targeted keywords are important but the nextstep is more important, you have to place them on your landing pagestrategically. Below we have given the areas where you can put your targetedkeywords to win the SERP:

  • Title tag – Title tags are important, asit tells the user what the page is about. It is important to make the title tagcrisp or it will increase your bounce rate.
  • Meta description – It is known as ashort description of your page in the SERPs. It provides clarity of yourcontent. Having a great Meta description can increase your CTR(click-through-rate)
  • Header tags – Tags are arranged in apost in the hierarchy of H1 to H6.  Thetitle of the page is always an H1 tag. If you are going to add more subheadingsunder H1 tags, then use H2s, H3s and so on.
  • Image Alt tags – The name of your filename is the Image Alt tags so always name the file with your targeted keywordas it will increase your page ranking.
  • Pagelength

Your landing page must be crisp and to the point but the Googlealgorithm contradicts it slightly as it favours long content. As there is noguarantee that a long content will rank higher on SERPs we will focus on thequality of the content. If you are writing a well-researched and informativecontent than the length of the article will increase automatically. Suchcontent will drive more readers, more shares and these signals tell Google thatthe content is user-centric and needs a boost in the ranking on SERP.

  • Securebacklinks to your landing page

Backlinks is the biggest factor involved in the ranking of yourlanding page. Having more people linking back to your webpage willautomatically boost your ranking in SERPs. The only way to create high-qualitybacklinks is to create high-quality content.

A well-written post always grabs the attention of the targetaudience; you can reach out to bloggers and influencers in your niche and canrequest them for linking back to your content. Remember the high-qualitybacklinks will always give you more authority. Always focus on quality thanquality.

  • Increasepage speed

In this fast-moving world, it's hard for someone to wait for even 5seconds for your content. According to stats, an average user waits less than 2seconds for a webpage to load. Use smaller images, switch to a fast web hostingand remove extra plugins from your webpage.

  • Createshareable content

Your content should be worth sharing on different social mediaplatforms only then you will get maximum advantage in the search engine. Socialsignals are very important in the eyes of Google so having a social presencecan boost up your rankings

Bottom Line

Landing page is an important part of sales funnel. So, having a fully optimized webpage is crucial for boosting your business. If used well, it will drastically increase your sales and overall ROI.

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