Top 10 Free Website Hosting Sites You Need to Know About in 2020

Top 10 Free Website Hosting Sites You Need to Know About in 2020

Top10 Free Website Hosting Sites You Need to Know About in 2020

Whether you are planning to starta blog or you wish to establish a solid Internet presence for your company,creating a website can be a costly endeavour. Many people do not know about theexpenses involved in it. Buying the domain is not enough; you also need to hostit on a server if you ever want your audience to see your hard work. Dependingon the web host you go with and the particular contents of your digital space,you will spend the amount on your website then you originally planned.

Fortunately, there are ways tocut back on the website hosting fees. Free web hosting allows you to get yoursite up and running in no time. When you are planning for a long, paid webhosting makes a huge difference, but website hosting free is great forbeginners. It helps you to stay within your budget. Free hosting can be useduntil you are okay to upgrade to an option that brings more features.

In this article, we will showsome of the best free web hosting companies available in the market thatresolve you worries about how much website hosting cost per year;


Wix offers its users twodifferent options: free web hosting and premium web hosting plans. The freepackage offered by Wix is quite decent when compared to a lot of the other freehosting sites out there. When it comes to the visual and user-friendliness sideof it is really awesome.

Even if you pick the free webhosting option of the site, you are not going to be disappointed. The platformoffers you multiple templates for you to choose from while designing. Theeditor is super easy to use and navigate, non-intrusive and allows you to fullycustomize your site with all of the features available for the free websitehosting and domain plan without website hosting yearly cost.

  • Infinityfree

In this list of top free websitehosting sites, Infinityfree is one of the best options. It has a well-designedwebsite that makes a positive impression and ticks the right boxes for us. Itshomepage gets a C performance grade in the load time but other than that, itlooks pretty solid.

There is no hidden fee! Under itswebsite with a hosting plan, you will be getting a 99.9% uptimeguarantee.  It is really surprising to see that its features list includes400MySQL databases, a FreeDNS service, free SSL and free Cloudflare CDN.

  • WordPress

The popular free hostingplatform, WordPress offers a unique flavour of WordPress. It offers a freewebsite hosting plan that gives you a website hosting free domain, 3 GMstorage, and access to free templates for your site. This free plan displaysads on your site. To remove these ads, you can upgrade to their paid plans, usea custom name and access to additional features.


If you are looking for completehosting services that offer flexibility, no other option is as suitable asx10hosting. The company has been offering free service for web hosting over adecade. They have developed their services to ensure that you are getting thetop-notch car, even if you are not paying a single amount and getting websitehosting for free unlimited.

This hosting platform is designedto be as simple as you need it to be. It presents the feature-rich site builderand a wide range of hosting tools. You get access to the latest cPanel X3control panel. With this panel, you can easily upgrade as your site grows. Whenit comes to scripts, x10hosting has you covered. This platform supports over300 one-click installs. You can also use third-party packages or implement yourown PHP scripts for outstanding flexibility. It also holds the latest versionsof PHP, CSS, MySQL and more.

  • GoDaddy

World largest domain nameregistrar and a famous hosting company, GoDaddy offers website builders thatare drag and drop website builders with ready-made website hosting templates.It is available as a 30-day free trial after that you can upgrade to one oftheir paid plans as per our needs and budget. It is cheap and easy to use. But,once your site grows you may find GoDaddy website builder to be limited infeatures.

  • 000Webhost

000Webhost is a free websitehosting provider owned and operated by Hostinger. It has been in the market forover 10 years and today has millions of users. It does not provide any kind ofcontrol panel, although there are three routes; if you want to make a website:you can use the Zyro website builder, or WordPress, or just upload your ownfiles without any website hosting charges.

  • Bytheost

Someone, who is looking for quickand easy hosting, Byehost is the best option. It is part of Byet Internet, aUS-based provider of hosting, domain name and reseller services. To date, ithas hosted over one million websites that make it the most powerful networkdedicated to free hosting in the world.

Now, you do not need to go for awebsite hosting free trial wonder for affordable packages. Byethost provides5GB of server space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and MySQL/PHP compatibility.They also benefit from 24/7 technical support and access to Byethost'scommunity and knowledge base.


Are you looking for a websitehosting a low cost? Now, you do not need to even consider costing while takingweb hosting services. As the name implies, FreeHosting provides you withreliable free service. It is very unique in the fact that they are quiteupfront in what they do and do not offer. It can be a breath of fresh air,mainly with so many hosting providers offering empty promises.

When you work with FreeHosting,you know exactly what you are signing up for. It does not offer free domains,nor can you make changes to how your server performs. It offers unmeteredbandwidth for one website. There is a guideline that you need to follow whiletaking services like cPanle control panel, web applications and more fromFreeHosting.


One of the most recognizablenames in website building, is also popular for offering free hostingplans in terms of features. The company offers a user-friendly platform thatallows you to make a sleek and modern website without any complicatedprogramming. It gives you great perks with the free plan. In addition tounlimited bandwidth, it offers a free subdomain and free SSL security for peaceof mind and also searches engine optimization to help your site reach its fullpotential. Now you don't need to ask how much websites hosting costs, it willbe free of cost.

  • Google Cloud Hosting

Google offers a wide variety offree website hosting services with powerful features. Since their plans arebased on pay-per-use, it is a perfect place for students or small start-ups toget started.  The company offers you $300 free credit for new customersthat lasts you for a whole year if you are just looking for a free websitehosting for test sites. You must try Google hosting when you are on a websitehosting trial process.  

 You have got enough optionsto avail web hosting under $5 or for completely free. Now, let's explorewhether free hosting is the right solution for your site, how it would affectyour online presence and what the catch with it is!

Selecting a Free WebHosting Service

People select a free web hostingservice when they are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a dime on webhosting. Here, free hosting comes handy for those people. It helps them work ontheir start-ups and projects.

Not to mention, if something isfree, then there is always a catch a free web hosting is no different.

Is Hosting a WebsiteReally Expensive?

A lot of people go for a free webhosting service. They think website hosting is expensive and won't fit intotheir budget. The reality is, initially, you can go with a reliable cheaphosting service. Many companies under the nominal plans provide a free domainname, SSL, and a nearly 100% uptime guarantee. These hosting services ensure thatyour website will always remain online thanks to their excellent uptimeguarantees without making a major change in your website hosting cost. All inall, even if you are under a tight budget, you can get an affordable webhosting plan as per your need.

Free Web Hosting-How?

The hosting website costs money.So the question arises how can a web hosting company offer its service forfree? Are there any disadvantages to selecting a free web hosting service?

Ads: To cover that website hostingprice, web hosting providers often show their ads on the footer of yourwebsite. If you wish to remove this, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Traffic Limit: A free web hosting packagelimits the traffic that holds you back from progressing your business.

Lock In: When you run your site with thefree web hosting plan, it makes it really hard for you to move your website toother platforms.

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