The New Face of Innovation Emerges as a Leader in the Entrepreneurial Landscape
ShopR360® The New Face of Innovation Emerges as a Leader in the Entrepreneurial Landscape


With an aspiration to innovate a technology that has the capability of filling the increasing gap between 'Online' and the 'Offline' retail world, Rajul Tandon and Pranav Bhruguwar conceptualized ShopR360® in 2015.

With a lot of zeal, they embarked on the journey and started with the development of the product, which secured great responses before going to the market.

In just two years since its establishment, the company has rapidly advanced as a formidable Artificial Intelligence service focused on shopper proximity. Its expertise lies in analyzing customer activity both within proximity and inside stores. This intelligent system extracts valuable insights into customer behaviour and loyalty trends, enabling businesses to engage with their clientele in almost real time.

To empower offline retailers, ShopR360® follows three-pronged approach:

(a) 'Measure' to enable retailers to know where Sales opportunity exists for every store;

(b) 'Understand' to help them understand the pre-billing consumer journey and behavior, and

(c) 'Engage' to help them reach out to potential customers as they walk around the stores.

All this is delivered using the existing store CCTV Cameras and store Wi-Fi of retail stores or malls, without any additional hardware or internal resources.

Today, the company is led by Rajul Tandon as Chief Executive Officer, Pranav Bhruguwar as Chief Operating Officer and Prabhat Ummat as Business Development Head.

The core team at the company's headquarters comprises nearly thirty dedicated members responsible for developing and overseeing the technology, while an additional workforce of over 60 professionals acts as the 'Feet-On-Street.'

Speaking about the uniqueness of the solutions provided by the company, Mr. Rajul Tandon tells The StartUp City Magazine, "It is a unique advanced platform that leverages a combination of CCTV cameras and sensors to generate new 'pre-billing' data that does not exist today.

It enables retailers to extend their CRM and marketing to connect their online and offline retail channels and engage shoppers through near real-time targeted content, promotions, and e-coupons. Thus, increasing their probability of reaching the billing counter."

The blend of the founders' diversified experience in retail and their expertise in technology helped to ensure that the company addressed all the 'real' challenges of brick-and-mortar retailers.

ShopR360's unique focus on addressing a specific problem, coupled with its effective solutions, has led to a substantial client base. The company's expertise in delivering exceptional solutions has further solidified its client acquisition.

It has been able to convert more than ninety-five per cent of Pilots to commercial orders and notably, all of its clients have continued business and expanded store deployment beyond the initial contract period.

Currently, the company is experiencing remarkable growth with a staggering CAGR of three hundred per cent. It caters to a wide spectrum of clients, including mall operators and retailers of various sizes, such as chains, department stores, hypermarkets, quick-service restaurants, and the hospitality industry.

Targeted Business Problem & Solution Provided

The challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers today are multifaceted, including a lack of visibility into their overall shopper traffic patterns and the true behaviour of their loyal customers, such as the frequency and recency of their store visits.

Currently, many retailers struggle with not knowing important details such as the ratio of new customers to loyal customer footfall, instances when loyal customers passed by the store without entering, visits when customers entered but did not make a purchase, reasons behind non-purchases, the duration of customer store visits, and the areas where customers spend the most time.

Additionally, retailers often have no means of identifying when their repeat customers are in the vicinity, missing out on the opportunity to attract them into the store during these moments.

ShopR360® tackles all these challenges. It helps the retailers to get meaningful shopper data, with no human intervention and without identifying any shopper, and it also provides a "last-mile connectivity" platform for the retailers to connect with their probable customers.

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Key Differentiators

  • A stand-alone platform, which can work with existing legacy CCTV infrastructure.

  • The application sits on the store infrastructure and analyses video locally, resulting in very low network usage.

  • Very low cost of infrastructure deployment as compared to competitors.

  • Completely secured against data misuse and customer privacy issues.

  • Delivers specific KPIs and use cases to impact business.

Risks Involved

Brick-and-mortar retail has been run in a certain way for the last 20 years. For example, retail chains currently use Conversions as the only KPI they track.

ShopR360® has taken the risk of challenging and disrupting that conventional way of working and introducing new retail data to run their operations and measure marketing effectiveness.

This will change the way retail runs today. As the pioneer and leader in emerging markets in Video Analytics, ShopR360® assumes the responsibility of demonstrating the value and potential use cases of this technology to businesses, as well as substantiating the return on investment (ROI) it can deliver.


For having targeted a business problem which escaped the interest of the entrepreneurial landscape in India, ShopR360® has received massive recognition in the market.

The company has won several accolades, and the major ones include:

(a) the ReTechCon Start-up Award 2016 at the Retail Technology Conclave 2016, one of the Most Coveted Awards for Innovative Product-centric Companies in India,

(b) the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award, and

(c) the Most Vibrant Startup of the year, CMO Asia Awards.

The company has also been listed as the Top- 50 Retail Startups in the world by Insider Trends based out of London.

"Recognition from such prestigious forums reiterates that ShopR360® solution is poised to change the brick-and-mortar retail business with smart and actionable analytics.

These awards come as an acceptance by the industry that our solution will go a long way in helping retailers bridge the gap between understanding customer behaviour and driving profitability", says Rajul. Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, ShopR360®.

Road Ahead

The company is now all geared up for expanding current business in emerging economies like MEA, SEA, and China this financial year via strategic partnerships.

Later on, it will direct its efforts towards extension in developed markets in the next financial year, beginning with the UK and Europe, before making attempts to enter the US.

At present, the company serves the majority of its clients in Retail. As a next phase of innovation, ShopR360® will be rolling out use cases for Video Analytics across other Market segments such as Market Research, Manufacturing, Banking, and Government Sectors.

The Spirit Behind the Success

Rajul Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, ShopR360®

Rajul Tandon is an experienced technology professional with vast global exposure. An IT professional with a degree in entrepreneurship, Rajul has worked and lived in the USA, U.K., and India.

According to him, the best part of being an entrepreneur is waking up each day to newer challenges, which pushes one to explore newer possibilities that once thought to be never existed! 

He has wide exposure to implementing large-scale IT solutions across functions and geographies. Having set up a responsive IT organization focusing on B2B services for Retail and Market Research, Rajul is currently focusing on Artificial Intelligence and analytics solutions for offline retail businesses.

Knowing the pulse of new-age technologies gives him an edge to develop innovative, market-driven products that deliver tangible value to clients.

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