The Girl’s Guide to Travelling Solo, Essential Tips to Ensure an Epic Journey Alone

The Girl’s Guide to Travelling Solo, Essential Tips to Ensure an Epic Journey Alone
The Girl’s Guide to Travelling Solo, Essential Tips to Ensure an Epic Journey Alone

The Girl's Guide to Travelling Solo,

 Essential Tips to Ensure an Epic Journey Alone

Thesolo tour is one of the most liberating experiences of life- here you do notneed to think about anybody but yourself, you can do what you want and leavewhen you like, and the buzz you receive from the sense of freedom is immense.

Withsolo travelling, you discover more about yourself who you are and what you likeand you take part in experiences that would not be possible otherwise.

Whenyou rely on just yourself, it pushes you out of your comfort zone, tests yourbeliefs, and strengthens you as a person.

Thereare, however, considerations to be taken into account, mainly when you are afemale solo traveller. If you plan things carefully and pack your common sense,you will enjoy it in the same way as boys do.

Forthose ladies who are a little bit apprehensive about going on a solo trip tojust break it down into stages. You should not look at it as a huge thing thatyou cannot comprehend.

Whetheryou are a first-time solo traveller looking for that extra push to take yourfirst trip or you are a seasoned solo traveller, take a look at the followingtips, and absorb everything you need;

Research and Book in Advance

Doproper research before go- weather, local customs, dress, etiquette, etc. Getthe basics of what to expect before you step off the plane. Try to make betterchoices and get the most out of your trip.

Alwaysbook your first night's accommodation regardless- you will rest easy knowingyou would not have to deal with finding a hotel late at night. Keep the addressto your hotel hand and carry your passport with some extra cash in awell-concealed spot. Lastly, always carry your travel insurance.


Afterresearch, you would get proper knowledge about the culture and climate so, packyour clothes accordingly; don't overpack. You should avoid that much stuff and youcan always buy more clothes if you need to. Make sure to pack tampons or otherfeminine hygiene products that might not be available where you go. Bringmedicine that you may require.

Personal Safety

'Self–defence for women' is something that you must consider while planning yourtour. Carry a personal attack alarm. Don't arrive at a new place after dark. Onpublic transport, sit where there are other women. Make sure that you aretaking only registered taxis.

Becareful with drugs and alcohol- you will be much more vulnerable if you are offyour face. If someone offers you a drink, either say no, or stay alert.

Assure Your Loved Ones

One ofthe toughest conversations that you can have in planning to your first solotrip is explaining to your parents or your loved ones what you are planning todo, and deal with their reactions to the idea of solo travel. It is very commonfor those who care about us to be concerned with a solo trip, mainly your firstone. This concern is not limited to parents, but siblings, spouses, and friendsall may have reasons to be worried about your tour.

Here,you need to convenience them, tell them about your plans and assure you thatyou will be safe and fine; it might be worth planning out the conversationbeforehand to try and keep things on track.

General Travel Safety

Whenit comes to the basics of travel safety, it is more about common sense. Still, hereare few suggestions on how not get into trouble;

  • Don't carry more money than you need. The best option is towear a slim money belt that can fit under your clothes or a leather-look moneybelt.
  • When you are out and about, take an ID card instead of yourpassport- but only you are sure that your passport is somewhere safe.
  • If you cannot see your bag, it needs to be locked whetheryou are going through train, bus or flight.
  • When you are travelling with your bag stowed, carry allvaluables including your passport and money- on you. Leaving them in yourbackpack is not a good option.

Apartfrom all these tips, the most important thing is facing your fears. The worldis a magical, challenging and fascinating place. Don't be intimidated by it! Travelis all about breaking out of your comfort zone and goes beyond your ownself-boundaries. So don't allow your fears of safety, thoughts of being lonely,or concerns of getting stranded stop you from exploring yourself and the world.

Go even if you are not sure- travel can expand your perspectiveand empower your sense of self.

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