Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in the workplace

Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in workplace
Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in workplace

Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in the workplace

Acquist is providing an award-winning culture and family environment and goes out of the way to care for its employees. 

Being a good place to work is the disparity between being an ordinary company and a perfect company. Workplace environment plays an imperative role in the performance and productivity of an employee.

A positive environment escalates the proficiency, performance, productivity, and dedication of workers. 

Furthermore, employee morale is impacted in both positive and negative ways as per the workplace environment. Work culture is at the foundation of everything we do.

Establishing organizational culture is not simply a tick-in-the-box, but the foundation on which our values are built, a culture that encourages trust, care, and support.

When it comes to the office culture and the best place to work, Acquist is an exemplary employer that goes out of the way to caree for its employees.  Having started in Dec 2013 Acquist is a privately held company headquartered in Mumbai.

The company nurtures an individual's career path and empowers the individual to deliver the best. That is why in the span of these 5 years only, Acquistcould createe its presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore and even internationallyy in Singapore.

It started with a team of 3-4 employees and with its family-like environment where employees feel a strong sense of togetherness today it has expanded to around 30 plus.

Acquist has developed an environment that encourages each individual to put in his best and energizes him to influence the deliveries with utmost sincerity.

This environment comprises many employee benefits, facilities, training, employee engagement, etc., which are best across the industry. Acquist has quite a lateral management style with all the key decisions made being accessible to every employee.

AnInsight into the Company

"Acquist"-A name centralized around the theme of"Acquisition," tells a lot about the company and its specialization in "NewCustomer Acquisition" Itt uses various innovative methods in the direct marketing spectrum to achieve the client's requirements.

It has expertise in managing numerous niche events hosted by media giants like CNBC, TIMES, etc. In this short but impactful period, the Acquist team has worked on over 300 projects with over 100 big clients from various domains like Real Estate, IT, Telecom, Banking, Logistics, Media, Energy, etc. 

It has contributed to and helped them to manage their external and internal marketing and data-related requirements keeping the core focus on new customer acquisition.

Apart from this, we have also one business venture London RealtyConnect that is working to boost the potential of the NRIs for investment in India. Here, we have also tied up with top developers in the UK to bring a host of investment-friendly options for Indian people as well. 

Overview of Office Infrastructure and Area of Expertise 

Acquist has two offices in Mumbai and one registered office in the UK. Each office is equipped in a manner that anyone can join and start working. It has an operations base equipped with the technologies to boost smooth operations in the team.

It has one more office that acts as the central base for the senior management, and both offices are in the vicinity so that the seamlessness of the company is in balance.        

Its offering is mainly from a B2B point of view. Some of its solutions are listed below,

  • Lead generation (from various categories of Acquistdatabase.)

  • SME Outreach programs (Exclusive properties or to one connect)

  • Data enrichment and rationalization.

  • Lead Nurture programs

  • Aggregation of Decision makers for an event etc

  • Focused Marketing

  • Focused Database build assignments ( Out of India )

  • Focused database buyout program ( specific to target industries in India )

Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in workplace
Algoro Research Consultants: Empowering Businesses through Proficient Insights and Exposure


The Interview process consists of three rounds here:

Round 1 – generally is a group assessment like a group discussion

Round 2 – is the technical assessment to gauge the knowledge of the domain

Round 3 – is the HR interview

If the candidate clears all the rounds, he/she gets an offer letter.

Employees:  professional relationships and work-life balance

While the company is very target-oriented and ROI driven, it wants to work with teams, which typically there is match its visions.

Acquist has a very lateral style of management system and that gives the employees more than enough open forums to maintain good professional relationships with each other that being said the openness of the senior management is the key attribute, which has trickled down in everyone in the system.

When it comes to work-life balance, flexible timing, and a supportive environment enable employees to maintain work-life balance. The open environment allows employees to express their concerns and suggestions. 

The company is6 days working for the core business, and it is proud that the team is willing to stretch hours if required but, Acquist is very concerned that every employee manages his work-life balance.

The growth of Employees and the Organization's support 

Acquistencourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and growth. Its core strength as an employer, vests in the empowerment and development of its employees.

To be successful, one needs to embrace its roots be grounded, be ambitious, and be open to tackling any role and challenge thrown in their employment tenure. Dedication, honesty, and a keen orientation in the system will lead to the path of success in the organization.

The management at Acquist makes sure that the employees are motivated and growing in their careers as the company grows.  With this core belief, the company evaluates employees in their training period which takes the employees through every role and department.

Once, that is done each employee is placed in the depart which best suits him/her and under very capable managers who are more like a mentor to them throughout their journey in the company.


Acquist to its core believes in growth, this lies true with its motto of acquisition of new clients for its clients and also enhancing and nurturing talent and skill in the organization.

Recognition of Talent and Hard-work

There are various methods to commemorate employee achievements, which range from certificates to incentives, and in some cases, even appraisals are given out, management makes sure that the employee is motivated and grows in his/her career as the company grows.

Take on Employee Feedback 

The company takes employee feedback very seriously and makes sure that every employee gets the same exposure and platform to express their likes dislikes concerns and suggestions. The team then collectively decides to act on it or resolve it on a priority.

KeepingEmployees Fresh and Entertained

Mostly quarterly it has a team outing, apart from that it also has in-house activities which it does during the festivals, and makes sure it celebrates birthdays with a bang!

AnInspiring Leader of Acquist

Sanjay Guha

(Founder and CEO)

Sanjay Guha, the founder, and CEO of Acquist says that there is no magical formula for perfect company culture. According to him, the way is just to deal with your employees how you would like to be treated. Sanjay has mastered sales leading with hands-on experience in setting up high-performing sales teams on a pan-India basis. 

He is also a veteran Direct Marketing expert, specializing in managing programs for ultra-high net worth individuals for Alltop private banking, wealth management, and luxury real estate developers in India. Sanjay has done MBA in marketing from IISWBM.

Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in workplace
Acquist: an innovator of mutual growth in workplace

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