Crefin India Management: Taking care of your management services complications through unique solutions

Crefin India Management: Taking care of your management services complications through unique solutions

Crefin India Management: Taking care of your management services complications through unique solutions

Operating a business is an arduous task when management services do not function efficiently. The idea of single price maintenance plans was around since the time of home heating systems. It evolved during the period of the 1990s when application service providers emerged paving the way for remote support for IT infrastructure. It is the time when large enterprises clinched to the "just in time" methods of cost control. They pushed the use of technology to improve the efficacy of the organization was considered as top priority.

The initial focus remained on remote monitoring and management of servers and networks, later the scope of management services evolved and expanded to mobile device management, managed security, remote firewall administration and security-as-a-service, and managed print services. In 2005, the vocal support of the American public speakers and other pioneers of management services advocated for the managed services business model. Long gone are those days when the employment of these services was a tedious project, now with the help of technology, outsourcing becomes a simple mean to keep the bean customers happy. The global market size of management services expects to grow from an estimated USD 152.45 billion in 2017 to $257.84 billion by 2022, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.1%. In the contemporary scenario, Information technology drives all business operations. Hence, it has grown to ensure reliability and continuity of business goals.

The genesis

At the midst of these developments, Jeevendra Poddar, a graduate from JP University founded Crefin India Management on 27th December 2017 acting as a thought partner and helping their clients to improve their performance and gain increased growth.

I always had a strong determination of doing something that makes a valuable difference in people's lives and fulfills my personal ambition of generating value to the society and business arena, says Jeevendra. He believes that by forming CREFIN INDIA, he could become a part of augmented set up of different business segments and various sectors to bring out a positive change rather than wandering in one sectoral or segmented business.

"Our expert panel help start-ups and established businesses bring in best practices, build a structured approach, and ultimately overcome their business problems. To attain this, we offer various services like business management, project management, start-up management, Financial Management to uplift the various sectors of business. Our flagship offering MPO (Management outsourcing program) is especially focused towards aiding for the start-ups, it's a process through which clients outsource their management to CREFIN INDIA. Through MPO we enter into a contract with CUC (the company under consultancy) to bring in seamless execution of the idea in order to make the company profitable and sustainable in the start-up ecosystem." The process provides a dedicated management team to start-ups to carry out their daily business operations efficiently 'with this unique process, our main aim is to reduce the staggering failure percentage of startups,' elaborated Jeevendra.

Jeevendra started as a wealth manager catering to high net-worth individual, then a successful investment banker, in a leading Indian bank and has developed a niche of business model generation, mentoring and drawing success paths, having been trained in various management and leadership training programs over a decade at regular intervals, he always looks to bring the same discipline commitment and dedication while taking research and development of start-ups and existing business houses. As Managing Director of CREFIN INDIA, he is responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy, directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company, developing strategic operating plans that reflect the long terms objective and priorities established by the board.

"I assume full accountability to the board for all company operations in CREFIN INDIA," declared Jeevendra.

The guide's periscope

Since the advent of his professional journey, relationship management was Jeevendra's core focus because of his beliefs that people are the biggest asset in business and personal space, nothing can be achieved without their support. Respect and compassion with genuine concern for every person have helped him to reach where he stands today. 'If my team is happy and content and is more productive and deliver better results, I believe it's a success. For me, success is not a destination but an on-going journey which never ends. In this journey, the people we meet are the most important resources one can have. If we make enough people happy and comfortable, the happiness and comfort will reflect on you,' says Jeevendra.

'I believe that risk-taking is the primary requirement to be an entrepreneur, it's like you jump from the mountain first and then make the parachute on the way of falling, but also note you have to know how to make the parachute to be safe, that's what I call is a well-calculated risk.

For me, building lives, being a leader, guiding, motivating, nurturing is immensely satisfying. I believe, by this service, I can build better people contributing to my country as a citizen of India. Being a leader is a daunting task, and the burden of decision making and the possibility of getting judged for it is too high, but the peace of mind you attain for taking the decision and working for making it right for everyone is exhilarating,' says Jeevendra.

A typical day in Jeevendra's life

It is a typical working men's day, starts at 5 am, after meditating for better cognitive functions, I complete my daily chores and plan my day with a full detailed schedule as my day is generally packed with meetings and presentations due to our simultaneous work on six projects. In this busy schedule, I constantly strive to balance all aspects of my life and also try to focus on my health and eat healthy and home cooked food.

Bursting the Myth of Sisyphus

I believe that happy people with a robust process will give a wonderful performance. If people are treated well, and their intellectual and emotional capabilities are well balanced, they can do wonders. I generally work closely with people around me to understand their specific needs as one person is different from the other person. 

Impact on the organization

Crefin India is a survival mechanism for my existential crisis running in my veins. I am a bit obsessed with excellence and positive productivity. The most significant change I suppose that I had brought is the introduction of technology in all the processes of business as well as others. I believe technology in right hands can make this world a better place.

Handling unpopular decisions

As a leader, there will always be a time, when you have to take an unpopular decision, and you will be judged for your decisions. You cannot make everyone agree with you all the times. There is always someone to disagree before they see the results of the decision, this should not deter a leader from taking the unpopular decision, because a visionary can foresee things that others cannot. You have to be patient with their ignorance and convince them of a better future with many rewarding results, and anyway keep working on your decision to make it right with a positive mental attitude. For a leader, taking the burden of decision, walking with it and convincing everyone to believe you before you show them the results is very difficult.  No matter how many times you have succeeded before, you will be tested for your every new decision for its viability.

Personal life

I prefer people writing about me because as a leader we have to show the path and be a role model for people in our lives, anyone who gets inspired enough to actually study me and write about me will be a reward in itself. I am a voracious reader who can't imagine living without learning or reading something new every day. I love to read everything and anything which is intriguing and expands the limits of my consciousness. I am a liberal believing in 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,' but out of all Goa is my home. I am a car lover, driving my BMW makes me happy, I love baking cake for my wife whenever I get time, visiting historical places, and currently trying my hands-on photography.

I am not perfect, in fact, nobody is. I constantly look upon to legendary leaders of all time and try to outvie the good of their leadership style. There is so much to learn as there are so many great personalities to get inspired. Time is the biggest asset, with which we all are blessed, and we should use it wisely to move forward in life.

A piece of advice for the first-time leaders

I am still learning myself. I will be deeply humbled to give advice to first-time leaders. However, I feel that patience is the most valuable virtue for someone to start with, and not succumbing to popular demands and take decisions as per the requirement of the situation.

Forthcoming days

We are working towards building a platform named 'Paribhasha' for start-ups and investors to collaborate. Paribhasha's first event is planned in January 2019. We want to achieve a 10 percent market share in the coming five years. We endeavor to enable entrepreneurs to build a sustainable venture. Recently Crefin India Management has been featured in Top 20 most promising consultants for Startups 2018 by a leading business magazine.

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