Dr Shweta Singh: an idiosyncratic with multitasking attitude, addressing IP needs with Ennoble IP Consultancy

Dr Shweta Singh: an idiosyncratic with multitasking attitude, addressing IP needs with Ennoble IP Consultancy

DrShweta Singh: an idiosyncratic with multitasking attitude, addressing IP needswith Ennoble IP Consultancy

Present-day, women entrepreneurs have become anessential part of the corporate world. They are equalizing their duties of bothmotherhood and entrepreneurship and comprise almost half of all businessesowned. They are the real fighters with everyday struggles and conflicts buthave determined to embrace and engage their purpose. In the list of thewondrous woman, we met with an adventures lady, Dr Shweta Singh, who wants tomake India proud and strived hard for the upliftment of India's IP Ecosystemthrough her initiative, Ennoble IP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.  She is the Founder and CEO of Ennoble IP andWomen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Dr Shweta is Patent Advisor, Mentor, evangelist,Startup Advisor, investor, and guide to many startups, Universities, and SMEs.She is actively involved in supporting research and innovation through IP andwomen based startups and business venture. She has been continuously mentoringwomen entrepreneurs and supporting them dedicatedly to build strong womenempowered startups ecosystem. She is a rich amalgamation and affluence ofcorporate and educational expertise with excellence in the field of IPR andmanagement with Startup Ecosystem. She has around 13 years of corporateexperience in the area of intellectual property research, management, andbusiness consultancy and more than 6 years of core experience in startupsecosystem. In academic, she did Ph.D. in Management Green Technology fromJiwaji University and MBA from Amity University, M. Sc. and B. Sc. from V.B.SPurvanchal University. Besides, she holds numerous certifications in differentverticals.

 Toperceive more about the professional life and her journey with Ennoble IPConsultancy, the editorial team of Startup City team set with Shweta and askeda few questions.

Here are editedexcerpts.

 Give us insights into the Ennoble IP andits major offerings.

Ennoble IP is Technology Enabled IntellectualProperty company, exclusively for Startups, Universities, researchinstitutions, and SMEs, and it was founded in the year 2014.  It provides Technology Enabled IP Platform totheir client to handle end to end IP related activity. Along with IPR services,Ennoble IP offers a unique service package namely: E-suite, Research powerplayonly for universities and colleges to support them in their entire research,innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This package gives a boost toUniversities/College in its different ranking and accreditation such as NIRF,NAAC, NBA, QS, etc.  Some of ourofferings include:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Design Registration
  • Copyright
  • IP Strategies and Management Service
  • IP Monetization
  • IP Paralegal Services 
  • IP Exchange and Commercialization Platform
  • Training

We have a competent team of 60+ experts withtechnical and legal background. They hold expertise in major technical andlegal areas.Our clientele comprisesUniversities and Institutions, SMEs and Startups, to name a few Scanbo, Paylo,Startupmovers, Royal plast, SSR dies, CGC Landran, Chandigarh University,Sharda University, Galgotias University, MAIT and many more.

Where does yourinterest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

The instinct to start an IPR firm started when Iwas pursuing my IPR program from WIPO, Geneva, where people use to criticizeIndian that we as an Indian have high intellectual, but it does not protect ourproperty and hence India had a very weak IP ecosystem, and India was way behindin global innovation Index ranking. Since that very moment, I was determinedthat once I am back to India, I shall work for it. Hence after coming back, Istarted working in the IP industry and with academia. Post gaining experienceand finding more core problem i.e IP pain points in academia, I started EnnobleIP.

 What makes your company stand out in themarket?

Some differentiating factors of the companyinclude:

  • Technology Enabled IP platform
  • Build-Operate-Transfer Model for Universities and SMEs
  • Hand Holding to Indian Startup, SMEs, and Universities,helping them to Create, Identify, Protect and monetize their IP Assets.
  • Elite training vertical for students and corporatetraining. We follow philosophy of Awareness ______Educating ____ Implementing.
  • Developing roadmap for IP assets valuation for Indian andStartups & SMEs.
  • IP Audit program only for Universities and SMEs.
  • Developing their IPR Cell and IP center of Excellence
  • Developing an Intersection between IP and Educationmanagement system for Universities.

How do women feelin the male-dominated industry? Have you experienced a different attitudebecause of gender?

Women face a lot of challenges; in my career, Ihave experienced many times different attitude when it comes to problems in theentrepreneurial journey, few instances to highlight are:-

The trust level of client, VC, and partners in afemale founder

Moreover, Most of the societal and psychologicallacunas attached to women are one of the main factors for such discrimination.

What do you thinkare the toughest problem for businesswomen?

 Thetoughest problem for women is that she is women! Everything changes as anentrepreneur. We are looked at first as women and then as entrepreneurs.Moreover, entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated industry, yes the scenariois changing but still it's a long way to go.

There are many problems but few to highlightsare: 

1. Work-life balance

2. Lack of funding resources

3. Lack of support

What's a day inyour life like as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, my day is full of stress thatplays a major role to grow as an entrepreneur. It is unbelievably rewarding andincredibly exciting. Each day as an entrepreneur is not about working for selfbut also working for the people's growth you have employed.

How do youachieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

It has never been easy for women to juggle athriving career and a happy family life. But I stood my ground and stuck to thefollowing tips to manage work and my four-year-old son together:

1. Sort out my priorities

2. Talk it out with employers

3. Learn the art of delegation

4. Stay connected during the day

5. Draw a line between home and work

List the awardsand milestones won by the company.

 Someawards won by the company:

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence" at Women Economic Forum – WEF
  • Women Achievers Award 2019 for Intellectual Property
  • India Leadership Award" for India's Best Innovative Entrepreneur in IP Consultancy"
  • Awarded as "Women Achiever of the year for IP" 2019
  • Awarded 40 under 40 Indian entrepreneurs by India investment Forum
  • Awarded CEO of the Year 2018 at India IT Summit
  • Ennoble IP Received Industry Excellence Award for IP Services at India IT Summit 2017
  • First women to be part of IP colloquium program of WIPO Switzerland Geneva
  • Regular Speaker at ET NOW "Leaders for Tomorrow" Show
  • Awarded India Best Innovative Entrepreneur in IP Services 2018

What is yourfuture agenda to keep growing in the market? 

We aspire to become the market leader in IP bydelivering state-of-the-art services. We are also the pioneers in providing onesolution to academia with respect to research and innovation through ourE-suite package. This E-suite package research power play service has coupled ourrevenue, and we see a progressive growth through this offering in the futurealso.

Words of Wisdom

Few key points one must keep in mind as womenentrepreneurs before starting:-

Find a mentor and keep finding at differentstages.

Just do not climb any ladder rather evaluates,discuss, and then take a move.

Before starting, know your market.

Do remember that there is a power in you on howto handle adversity, so be strong, humble, determined, and always be ready tohandle adversity.

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