Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you

Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you
Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you

Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you

India, a country with a population of 133 crore needs and deserves top-notch healthcare services to satiate such a large population. Healthcare is one of the most crucial and important aspects of an Individual's life and of the country as a whole.

In a country like India which is already plagued with countless diseases and ailments and with new diseases and ailments being diagnosed daily in the country, Healthcare has become as important as clothing or food.  Without complete and absolute healthcare no individual or nation can move ahead as 'Health is the real wealth.'

Healthcare, in India, is not taken seriously and is often regarded as a 'money-making scheme' or only a service, the rich folks can afford but this is not the truth.

The truth is every human being needs and deserves healthcare to take care of their bodies to go on to live a healthy life. But, in a country like India which is geographically huge and culturally diverse, it becomes all the more difficult to provide healthcare to every person.

There is a huge dearth of education and knowledge about healthcare in the country which adds to the list of problems the country faces when dealing with healthcare for every citizen.

Understanding the needs & demands for healthcare in India, two individuals and best friends Harshita Gupta and Vilina Jain founded the company – Morulaa Healthtech with the dream to be recognized as the movers and shakers of the Indian healthcare industry.

The huge upsurge in the commercialization of bioscience technologies and germination of healthcare companies in Ohio, specifically around Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and University Hospitals, led to the founding of Morulaa Healthtech.

An insight into the company

Since its inception, Morulaa Healthtech has been engaged in identifying cutting-edge technologies in healthcare from around the globe that have the potential to meet the healthcare demands of India.

The firm and its team specialize in Healthcare for the Asia Pacific market – from registration of medical devices to market assessment and distribution set-up.

Its projects are also customized based on the client's requirements. Every industry like the healthcare industry has big multinational players and SMEs. The firm works closely with SMEs and introduces to market new technologies which will have a constructive impact to provide better healthcare for their patients.

The company identifies the latest innovations in Medical Devices and works closely with the manufacturers to show them the potential in the Indian market and plays a pivotal role in bringing the product to the Market.

It also provides in-depth knowledge of the Regulatory Framework and the prerequisites needed to obtain the necessary clearances to import and supply medical products to the esteemed patient. The firm's headquarters are in Chennai, India.

Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you


Morulaa Healthtech provides the followings offerings:

  • Identifies innovative medical devices.

  • Obtains regulatory certification from the Indian Government.

  • Provides, regulatory, importation, distributor, and logistics support to supply varied products to various distribution chains and hospitals in the Country.

  • Consults as a one-stop solution to market entry of medical devices in the Asian healthcare sector.

  • Provides medical tourism services for individuals looking to travel to Asia for medical treatments.


Morulaa Healthtech's clients are manufacturers of orthopedic, neurology, dental, gynecology, cardiology, wound, and all types of medical devices.

Its clientele is typically manufacturers from the USA, Europe, and the UK. We have over 100 medical device companies that we work with within the Indian market.

The total number of employees in the firm ranges from 5 TO 10.

Dynamic Leadership

Harshita Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Harshita Gupta, an engineering graduate from SVCE –Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering helped establish the Immunology laboratory in the Department of Biotechnology at SVCE. She was also involved in developing humanized monoclonal antibodies using T-cell markers.

At Nanofiber Solutions, she was involved in brand development, advertising, and writing technical documents and white papers for the company. She also has a Master's degree from the Department of Biology at Case Western Reserve University.

She pursued her research on the molecular mechanism of hearing. Before coming to Case Western, Harshita Gupta was awarded two internships: one at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, where she studied the role of Orexin, a neuropeptide brain hormone, in diabetes, and another at the Genetic Counselling Center in Bangalore, India.


Morulaa Healthtech aspires to be the single largest independent supplier of medical devices in India. It is also highly eager to provide market solutions in all areas of Medical Devices – from Neurology to Foot and Ankle and from Cardiology to Pulmonary.

Words of wisdom

Speaking a few words of wisdom, Harshita Gupta stated "It has been a tough journey, but highly rewarding. Patience and the ability to work with different stakeholders of the Industry – Manufacturers, Dealers, Doctors, and the Hospital staff is very important."

Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you
Morulaa Healthtech: bridging the gap between health and you
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