Shamim Akhtar
Shamim Akhtar The change-maker writing new rules for the country’s GPS tracking segment

Shamim Akhtar

The change-Maker Writing New Rules for the Country’s GPS Tracking Segment.

Shamim Akhtar: The change-Maker Writing New Rules for the Country’s GPS Tracking Segment

It is arduous to maintain excellence in the contemporary flourishing world, where technical updates stumble upon every day. You need to be a campaigner, innovator, and someone whom people can vouch for.

He is the heir-apparent of the aforementioned. He is Shamim Akhtar, a technology aficionado and the proud Managing Director of TrakingPro.

He turns back the pages of his professional journey. "It was 2008 when I started my career in import and export business after the completion of my graduation got the certification of International Business Management Institute of Berlin, Germany with Essential Management Skills.

A hands-on business leader armed with the standards of excellence, Shamim has always been the guiding force in trailblazing TrakingPro towards new pinnacles, inclusions count government certifications on GPS solutions, participating in the 2017 & 2018 Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, and Product showcase at Trade Fair.

Shamim embarked on his entrepreneurial journey through Shireen Electronics Pvt. Ltd (TrakingPro) and Mascotas Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The latter company offers a variety of pet food and accessories under distinct brands like Dr.Fish, Dr.Dog, Dr.Cat, and Dr. Aviss, among others.

Recognized for nurturing the exceptional capabilities of his employees, he refrains from asserting authority over others. Instead, he has left a significant impact through his humility and composed demeanor.

His seasoned industry experience and expertise have shaped & delivered scalable accomplishments for his ventures.

The GPS tracker has evolved beyond being a mere navigational tool, becoming an indispensable aspect of our lives. Its significance now extends far beyond navigation, embracing technological advancements that allow us to monitor and track a wide array of aspects.

Committed to offering an economical GPS tracking solution, TrakingPro places the paramount concern of 'safety' at the heart of its mission. The system not only upholds privacy but also ensures the well-being of your loved ones.

Chronoscope of the rule-changer

TrakingPro was established with the aim of introducing innovations that enhance people's daily lives. Through persistent exploration of global positioning systems, the company has honed its expertise in this domain.

This visionary leader has significantly elevated the benchmarks for GPS tracking systems in India, encompassing personal tracking, theft prevention, professional fleet management, and surveillance applications.

Since its inception, the company has been recognized as a trailblazer in the field of GPS tracking devices in India. Moreover, it has transformed the technology from its initial stages to a modernized and advanced standard.

To obtain the inside scoop, our editorial team sat down with Shamim. He happily shared his experience on how the idea transformed into a company and its performance. He goes on to discuss the plans and role of the company.

What is the current location of TrakingPro in the market?

With a current workforce of 20+ employees in our company, we are living and nurturing our vision of enabling huge corporations to supervise their mobile assets and helping individuals keep a sharp eye on their close family and friends and keep them safe. To make this happen, we have come up with these revolutionary inventions:

  • TPro02 Waterproof GPS Tracker

  • TPro03 Vehicle Tracker

  • TProOBD2 Diagnostic Tracker

  • TPro 01 Personal GPS Tracker

  • And the upcoming product is TPro05 the ARAI-approved AIS-140 certified GPS tracking device.

What lies at the heart of the company's offerings?

We have made these GPS tracking devices considering all the problems on Indian roads. Now, people can track their cars anytime they want by using GPS tracking devices. We let people extend their visibility with a real-time tracking facility.

How do you measure achievements for yourself as a leader? What has been the secret ingredient to your success?

We initiated our excursion two years back from nothing. However, as it is said, "The harder the struggle, the more glorious the victory." Today we are standing at a renowned place after completing a daunting struggle period.

Evaluating the entire journey so far, I can say, Yes, I am successful. But, there are miles to measure and much more to enact.

Shamim Akhtar

Are you a risk taker/ Daredevil?

Yes definitely. Taking the initiative to start a startup in such a sector where challenges are already built in a very high parameter is the biggest challenge. However, the proper research and willpower made the task easier.

What is the most rewarding part you found while leading people?

Being a business leader has its share of wax and wane. Tasting the fruits of success for my effort has been the most rewarding part of my journey to date.

What motivates you to be a leader?

The market space and increasing competition were the main elements that motivated me to develop into a leader.

How do you encourage and motivate everyone around you?

Be specific, stay focused and most importantly, do not lose hope because "triumph and disasters are the two imposters."

How did you handle a time when you had to make an unpopular decision?

Every situation made me realize its importance. I do not lose hope in the negative situation I take a new start from that particular point.

What is your greatest strength?

"My willpower and my employees helped me fulfill my initiative with their great effort."

What would be your greatest weakness?

I think talking about weaknesses is the biggest weakness!

What is the most complicated part, you have ever suffered as a leader?

Being a leader, I need to take responsibility for the entire firm and the people related to it. Therefore, sometimes it gets challenging to maintain it.

If you were to write a book about yourself, how would you name it?

"Journey to the Victory."

Apart from running the company/organization, what else do you love to do in your unoccupied time?

"I spend my leisure time with my family."

What leadership style do you follow?

Staying positive is my style, I believe when we follow a constructive attitude, we get efficacious output.

What improvements would you like to make regarding your leadership skills?

I presume it is true that one should adopt changes according to the situation to grasp things. I also focus on adapting things and modifying my skills according to the insistence of time.

What advice would you give someone who is assuming a leadership position for the first time?

"Analyze before taking any decision, stay focused, and of course, work hard."

Finally, what is next for the company? What forthcoming plans do you have for your business?

We have spread our business in almost every state in a short time. Now, we have taken the initiative to extend it beyond the boundary. We have deliberated to mark our footprint in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan and in some of the other neighbor countries.

Shamim Akhtar
Shamim Akhtar
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