Vispara Technosoft: rendering customized IT solutions for B2B2C businesses

Vispara Technosoft: rendering customized IT solutions for B2B2C businesses

Vispara Technosoft: rendering customized IT solutions for B2B2C businesses

Information Technology is not a new phenomenon anymore, it has now touched every aspect of human life, and industrial entities as well. With IoT in picture everything getting digitized, from industry to personal lives. The growth Indian IT industry has seen remains a story of excellence and exception. The very first steps in the industry happened in the late sixties and early seventies in Mumbai. Major developments in the sector occurred at the end of century or millennium as the effects of globalization and liberalization in the country. The Indian IT industry has provided a ladder to the country to improve its projected image on the global level. In contemporary times, the Indian IT sector is the largest exporter of IT products and services in the world. Exports constitute around 80 percent of the total revenue. With recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology, the domestic market is showing promising signs of robust revenue growth.

A close look at economy reveals that the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of all businesses and technology has become an inevitable part of today's dynamic business landscape that no one can escape from. Choosing an apt software is the crucial component for running a small business. The duo of Chandrashekara Rampura Siddegowda and Suguna Chandrashekara observed the problems faced by the SMEs and got motivated by the opportunities to incorporate Vispara Technosoft in early 2012 as a partnership firm and became a Private Limited company in 2017. Initially, they started with their flagship cloud-based ERP software product 'WebaPSys' providing a unique business software solution to digitalize the business process and keep the organization operating, communicating, and expanding. This Bangalore based IT solution firm was incorporated with the aim of being recognized as the most effective IT solution provider by delivering quality and comprehensive products and services at affordable prices; Product Development Lifecycle Services, Software Application Development & Maintenance Services and Mobile Application Development. Vispara's customized ERP development services offer business solutions that help companies build end-to-end business process enabling optimization of business functions and provide services across all major business areas such as sales & services, logistics, marketing, procurement, finance & controlling, production & planning, Health care, and Insurance to name a few. The firm's expert team handles the end-to-end mobile apps development, including requirement gathering, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and even client's go-to-market strategy. Vispara develops mobile apps for all major business areas such as E-commerce and Shopping, Real Estate, Retail and Fashion, Education, Food and Restaurant, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle, Book, etc.

Startup City magazine interacted with Chandrashekara Rampura Siddegowda, Director of the firm. Here are some of the edited excerpts.

The technical expertise

We are experts in dealing with the development of customized IoT, Android and iOS applications for B2B and B2C businesses. Our mobile app developers have experience of developing critical, data and performance-intensive applications using cloud services and works on multiple development platforms, cross platforms and devices for developing robust and scalable mobile applications. We help businesses leverage the mobile application to create a go-to-market, reach a vast audience, boost brands and transform business processes using Industrial IoT technology. Currently, we are in the process of adapting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to build Smart Factory Solutions for Manufacturing sectors. Our Machine Monitoring and Data Analytics Applications are integrated with configurable IoT to monitor the downtime and production states, productivity optimization and automated predictive maintenance in the industry.

For our novelty technology projects, we are digitalizing the workflow with Augmented Reality (AR) technology in manufacturing to provide the workers with visual displaying of the parts and details to assemble, information about the necessary instruments for every stage. We recently developed Android mobile application for one of the global leading manufacturing company enabling the training of inexperienced personnel, informed, and protected at all times without wasting additional resources.

The clientele

Vispara helps industries navigate, survive and thrive the troubled waters of rapid change. We serve Manufacturing, Retail & Hospitality, Distributors, Real Estate, Repair & Service, Education, Healthcare, Power & Utilities, E-Commerce, Government domains. Our happy clients are Schneider Electric, Pearson, Avi Solar, Lumipex Technologies, Smart Care Electro Service, Ovion, United Minds Technologies, Mr. Pronto, My Beauty & Care, Acepro Consulting, Inner Beings, Sujay Edu Services and many more.

Accolades and awards

Every year since the inception, we have made a name for ourselves by offering the finest quality and service in the industry. Our Milestones are foundation Bangalore as a partnership firm, focused on providing IT/ITES solutions in 2012, we launched the Desktop version of VInventory and VPayroll applications in 2013. A web-based O&M tool for the Solar industry was launched in 2015. We partnered with a French MNC specializing in energy management, automation solutions. In 2016, we saw the successful launch of Cloud Web-based flagship ERP Product WebaPSys. The year 2017 was a pertinent one, as we got registered as a Private Limited firm and the Company board appointed Chandrashekara R S as the Company CEO. In 2018 we got listed among "10 Most Promising Inventory Management Software-2018" by ERPInsights magazine for our flagship software product WebaPSys.

The road ahead

We plan to reach a team of 100 strong professionals by the year 2020 and are planning to add new technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and get the team trained on these technologies. We are adding new partners in USA and Australia as well.

Hitherto journey and some aspects of professional life

The journey has been good for the most parts due to the wonderful circle of friends and relatives transforming Dreams into Action.

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job experiencing ups and downs, both daily and over time. My daily routine is not very defined. It starts with morning exercise and a cup of coffee. After reaching the office, I complete my tasks and leave office by 7 pm. My day ends at 11 pm. I am an adventurous person, for me, it is simply getting out of the comfort zone. I want to visit Manasarovar, Italy-Rome, Venice, Great Pyramid of Giza, and Egypt at some point in life.

A piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs

Being patient in exasperating situations and understand that building an enterprise can be a long process. Whether profit or non-profit, you need a strong business model. You have to understand your market, your competitors and your product. It is also important to work in on the areas of the operation that you are best suited to and enjoy the most. If you love your role, you will find that you will be less tempted to procrastinate.

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