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Aspiration doesn't become a reality through magic but through strong determination and hard work. This world is filled with millions of ideas and forgoing stories.

Many aspire to write their own story on the reality of timelines and strive to climb that ladder. However, in reality, few embrace the pain, sustain the perseverance and earn a place in a successful star list.

Amid the roles of those most admired, the success story of WoodCraft Events & Entertainment is one of the most creatively talented and exquisite. It is one of the promising but swiftly growing companies based out of Mumbai.

A scrupulous blend of planning and execution has made the roadway to the hearts of their direct clients and audiences.

Nativity began back in 1999 at the tender age of 16, Deepak Chaudhary (Director) discerned his impetuous passion towards an insightful perception.

Post schooling Deepak seized an opportunity, a great kick-start to triumph marshal art of organizing with the inception of WoodCraft Events & Entertainments in 2012.

A young boy fond of socializing and connecting soon began his first milestone with his very first field day in Mumbai. Submerged with splendid vision, Deepak grabbed everything that could shape his versatility towards the robustness of his aspirations.

Swamped with serving several small to medium-demand generation Companies like Lokmat, Velvetcase, Danone, KidZania, INOX, Davidoff, Naturals Salon, Ajmal Perfume, Petronas, Zomato, President Butter, and many more.

With a diverse and dynamic team, each member excelling in their respective roles, and a strong network within the industry, WoodCraft had all the ingredients to maintain its upward trajectory.

Soon embarking on hidden opportunities on a larger scale, WoodCraft established its mark over PAN India flying solo to focus on benevolence.

The result of a meticulously crafted formation and well-coordinated efforts under Deepak's leadership empowered WoodCraft to rise as one of the most renowned event management solution providers in the heart of Bollywood's capital.

Soon, the corporate world recognized WoodCraft Events & Entertainments as a leading authority in staged events, brand launches, corporate conferences, seminars, road shows, school contact programs, brand activations, trade activations, promotions, celebrity management, and celebration events across various cities.

As rightly said, with a Unified approach of its founder with his fellows, a team becomes more impactful. Like Deepak, WoodCraft focuses strongly on perfect and proactive Planning & Execution of the tasks organized for their clients.

Deepak and his team consistently approach every task with a unique blend of personal and professional commitment. Their passion, dedication, and extensive 67 years of collective experience in the events industry drive WoodCraft to serve their clients comprehensively, ensuring end-to-end task completion in every possible avenue and scenario.

This unwavering clarity and focus have positioned the client as the ultimate winner. WoodCraft's dedicated team consistently goes the extra mile to guarantee excellence and perfection in the planning and execution of every event.

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"For our clients, we tell the story of their business, brand, or ethos through events. The essential difference that makes solutions by WoodCraft more reliable and definite is our dedicated efforts, love, and personal commitment. I guess that's what sets us apart from other event planners in the industry.

Fundamentally creative essence with better avenues, optimized, latest solutions, observing trends and costs make us more prepared.

Initially, the first course we do is to start by sitting down with our clients with a bottoms-up approach. Then understanding the very objective of their event, pre-plan, plan, and execute. Our team is committed to providing both personal and professional attention at every stage of the process.

We aim to make the client relaxed and stress-free. This process helps us to offer more creative, exciting, and 'spot-on' solutions. I guess that is one unique aspect of our business, which sets us apart from our competition." – Says Deepak.

WoodCraft's success stories extend beyond just hard work, passion, and exceptional teamwork.

Historically, Deepak and his team have been instrumental in achieving remarkable milestones, such as conducting intensive contact programs in Delhi/NCR with a target of 1233 in just 20 days and in Bengaluru with a target of 636 in just 19 days for school contact programs.

Successfully managing such demanding and intricately layered projects requires innovative ideation and proactive planning to navigate potential challenges.

WoodCraft's unwavering enthusiasm, commitment to taking on challenges, and determination to deliver on promises, no matter the obstacles, have propelled them to achieve significant milestones and secure a prestigious position in the industry.

Some big recent breakthroughs like the Maharashtrian of the Year award, Zee Cine Awards, Tourism Malaysia, Police Officers Awards, Velvet case, Live Concerts, Celebrity Events, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Corporate Meet, MICE, Conferences, Trade Fairs, Theme Events, MLA Awards, and many other great avenues are easily scored in the shrine list of Successful Event establishments by Deepak and Team WoodCraft.

"Client Appreciation acts as the Biggest Motivational Steroid that helps me and my team to plan and perform out-of-the-box events. I know the stair to build a great Brand Image, Brand Awareness, and Brand Targeting. I am all about serving Brands in and out through my ideas, exposures, and creative blend. I simply love to craft the Brand to where the client imagines it to be. Last but not least, we always make sure to abide by Quality, with no compromise with the client's brand or image process, branding guidelines, or equivalent. I guess that's the spirit that has empowered us to be unique in our industry." Echoes Deepak with Sheer dedication in his words.

The very essence of the success and energy parameters of any successful team has been the team itself. WoodCraft team members are very well-focused, accurate at what they do, and the best in the industry, which makes the endeavours simply far-reaching.

The formidable foundation of this remarkable organization, bolstering its strong position, rests upon the capable leadership of Directors Deepak Chaudhary and Priya Chaudhary. They serve as the driving force, providing the inspiration, vision, and dynamism that propel WoodCraft towards greater achievements, broader horizons, and enduring success.

In a team that values each member as an invaluable asset, where contributions are deeply appreciated, this camaraderie forms the bedrock of the company's core values.

Contributors such as Arun Rai, Shekhar, Deepak Gujar, Shivam Sachan, Payal Kataria, Anupama, Johanna, Vinay, Shahrukh, and all our other dedicated team members stand as the pillars of our collective vision and aspirations to make a meaningful impact on the industry.

With time their exposures, insights, and staging have gained great heights. WoodCraft is now sprouting towards the sky. It is gaining a flight on its dream destinations while keeping its reach very scalable. Yet its flexible, right from a small rural project to global brand building, from India to the rest of the world.

The team is all set, focused, energized, and ready to roll, with some major upcoming events like KIDZISTAAN, The Biggest Family Carnival, Culture Village, and many more adding up.

The unwavering determination is set to soar to new heights as Deepak and his dedicated team have gathered valuable insights for their ambitious 2020 mission.

In this endeavour, their vision extends to exploring significant industrial domains, including Automobiles, Pharma and healthcare, Real Estate, Telecom, Textile, FMCG, and BFSI sectors.

Their strategic approach appears impeccable, with a sharp focus on enhancing their inventory by cultivating Intellectual Properties (IP) that will serve as their trump cards in these ventures.

WoodCraft's commitment to professionalism in shaping the paths of informative and entertaining events while infusing each occasion with a distinct sense of purpose and identity, is undoubtedly poised to be a game-changer in the industry.

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