Ablend of technology and experiential learning that takes the learner into aself-paced learning mode is where training is headed. – Niloofar Yazdi

One of the most innovative learning firmsin India, Myndscope (formerly Myndscope) was incepted in the year 2008 as atechnology-leveraged innovation consulting and performance enhancementorganization, partnering with organizations and individuals to build theircapability to successfully transform their aspirations, objectives, and goalsthrough experiential learning. The company leverages emerging technologies andbest-in-class solutions to transform knowledge into an experience to create amore engaging learning experience.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the SiliconValley of India, Myndscope provides services across the country through theirHiFi programs, participation, and learning that gradually evolves in animmersive environment, where you're not playing a series of disconnected gamesbut you are engaged in one or two life-like scenarios which have many separateand disparate components to it.

The Founders:

Niloofar Yazdi: An alluring,assiduous and empathetic working professional, Niloofar Yazdi, the leading ladyof Myndscope and Head of Operations, bringsover 15 years of extensive experience in the business consulting, learning& talent engagement. She has been instrumental in the design, creation& development of some of the highly recognized and awarded immersivelearning programs of  Myndscope.

A Commercegraduate, Niloofar also has a PGDBA degree in MIS from St. Joseph's College ofBusiness Administration. She is motivated, dedicated and passionate about whatshe does. She brings into the team, a very outcome centered approach to meetclient's and end user's objectives through content-rich and innovation-drivenexperiences.

Afeef Ahmed: A former seniorcorporate executive with over 20 years of experience across sales, projectmanagement, operations, design and learning, Afeef brings in a lot of varietyinto each program and engagement that he is part of. He is synonymous withimmersive learning and is the driving force behind the success of immersivelearning as an accepted mode of engagement and learning.

In a conversation with Startup CityMagazine, Niloofar Yazdi & Afeef Ahmed talk about Myndscope, their journeythroughout with their team, plans and more.

Edited Excerpts:

SCM: Do youbelieve yourself to be the "Most Trusted Corporate Training Provider" and why?

Niloofar Yazdi: Since ourinception, we have evolved from being a firm that offers training programs tobeing an entrusted 'partner' to our clients, through long term learningsolutions. This has been possible only through the value that each of ourclients has been able to derive through our association.

Whether it is a stand-alone skillsenhancement programs or longer-term engagement programs, our blend of online, offlineand immersive learning programs has helped our client's employees achievespecific business and personal goals. The testimonials that our clients haveshared over the years also exemplify our distinctiveness.

SCM: Describe themajor learning programs offered by your organization.

Afeef Ahmed: We believe in'immersing' learners through a specific engagement, be it through arts, sports,board games, online simulators or defence-based scenarios. Over the years, ourprograms have matured to create experiences that leave a deeper impact in ourlearners, versus content-heavy programs. Some of these programs are the onlyones being offered in the industry today:

  • Just GOlf for it: Essential life& business lessons from Golf, in a blended format!
  • TiKi-Taka: Applying SPORTS forStructure, Skills & Sustainability at work!
  • ACTIV8: Impactful, engrossing,immersive learning through theatre
  • Battle-ground: Defence-theme basedlearning for leadership, strategy & critical thinking
  • SIMUL8: Simulation & game-basedonline or hands-on learning
  • INNOV8: Using sports & drama fordesign thinking, innovation & problem solving
  • Grounded: Outdoor experientialprogram using nature & elements of nature
  • ART OF THE PITCH: achieving theobjective and not just delivering content
  • Adventure Leadership Camp
  • FINquest … the game of businesseconomics for non-finance folks!
  • X-SELL : Sales performance programfor all sales & non-sales teams

SCM: What purposeare you serving as a corporate training firm and how have you evolved from day one?

Niloofar Yazdi: Initially,clients approached us after their internal needs assessment, where our corefocus would be ensuring timely and impactful delivery of workshops. Today, mostof our clients engage with us before they chart their needs assessments for theyear. We understand the client's current business situation, goals, andstrategies. Only after a detailed understanding of these current and desiredsituations we help our clients draw out a comprehensive and customizablelearning program for the future.

We have matured organically from beingjust a skills-enhancement firm that did need-based and transactional workshops,into a consultant, and a strategic partner to our clients by enabling them toreach specific business results through outcome-centric learning interventions.

SCM: When did theidea of being a part of this industry coin in your head?

Niloofar Yazdi: My corporateexperience in various senior executive roles across sales, marketing, projectmanagement, design and IT across different industry verticals globally taughtme a key thing – that no matter how brilliant your solutions, products orprocesses are… it eventually came down to how well equipped the 'people'involved in the entire engagement were. This could be in terms of theirfunctional skills, competencies or largely emotional skills. The move to thisindustry seemed to be a natural transition.

SCM: Where is thedemand for corporate trainers going in India and how do you decide the natureof the right target audience?

Afeef Ahmed: Today, peoplehave information… and they have a lot of it! Unfortunately, this information ismisunderstood as also having the knowledge or even worse, the skill to performa specific function. This function could be writing a piece of code or leadinga sales team or simply being able to handle oneself better in criticalsituations.

Trainers today have to go beyondcontent-driven sessions and disconnected activities that create no functionalor behavioral resonance. So, the demand, in my perspective would be in givingthe learner an overall 'experience' during the engagement versus content alone.

SCM: What natureof clients are you associated with currently?

Niloofar Yazdi: We have clientsin different verticals:

  • IT, Manufacturing, Automobile,consulting, BFSI, Engineering, FMCG, ITeS, BPO,
  • Academies, Universities, Schools,Sports academies
  • Individuals – corporate executivesfor personal and career coaching, Sports People

SCM: How does oneacquire the status of 'being the best', what gives you an edge over your peers?

Niloofar Yazdi: Our programs arevery unique and we constantly look at improving or improvising what we dothrough continual learning from our audiences and their real-world experiences.Moreover, we do not focus on being the best. Instead, we look at how we canbetter ourselves from our last program or workshop or even a simpleconversation with a client.

SCM: What corevalues and compliances are followed by the company?

Niloofar Yazdi: We partner withorganizations, institutions, and individuals to build their capability tosuccessfully transform their aspirations, objectives, and goals throughexperiential learning

We work directly with clients in bothevent-driven and long-term scenarios to support develop workforce skills, driveoperational improvement, and apply new working methods

We partner with organizations,institutions & individuals to build their capability to successfullytransform their aspirations, objectives, and goals through experientiallearning

SCM: What are theachievements and awards earned by the company?

Afeef Ahmed: We creategreater standards of excellence, by encouraging individuals and businesses tothink and act beyond existing views and limits in their personal and professionallives that has helped us to create a name in the industry and get honouredwith:

  • Most innovative Leadership Program-L&D Global, 2018-19
  • Top 10 Workforce management solutionsproviders 2018-19- a reputed business magazine
  • Hi-Fi Award for immersive learningsolutions 2017 – APCT, India

SCM: Have youbeen associated with corporate social responsibilities?

Niloofar Yazdi: We work withschools and sports academies, conducting free orientation programs to students,athletes, staff, andteachers on new trends in their fields, to create awareness, help them identifygaps and enable them to work towards bridging those gaps.

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