8 Recruitment Trends Changing the Way You Hire and Retain Talent in 2020

8 Recruitment Trends Changing the Way You Hire and Retain Talent in 2020

8 Recruitment Trends Changing the Way You Hire and RetainTalent in 2020

Welcometo 2020, it's a new year, and it is an amazing moment to take a closer look atwhat recruitment trends the industry will embrace this decade. Recruitmenttechnology and the marketplace continue to evolve, as does the nature of workitself. With the anticipation of not only a new year but a new decade, the moststrategic of companies are looking for newer ways to remain competitive in anever-advancing workforce. To hire talent and skill that can make a difference,employers will have to brand themselves to the talent pool, look hard formediums to access this intelligence, nurture the strategic relationship withlost candidates and woo them back carefully into the fold.

What's next for human resources managers as we enter a new decadein 2020? Let's have a look.

Building and Maintaining an Agile Workforce

Contingentand agile workforce are different; the contingent workforce model is one wheretemporary or project workers are brought in to specific roles and projects toaugment an organization's existing workforce when needed. While an agileworkforce is one, which is focused on highly skilled workers with incrediblyspecialist skills, brought in when needed from inside or outside of theorganization.

Candidate Relationship Management

Unlikeearlier, a recruiter's work will not be limited just at finding a desirablecandidate but will have to work to develop a relationship cycle for long termengagement. The human resource analytics tools rooted in AI and MI will supportrecruiters in better workforce planning, skills gap analysis, retention,assessment, and database management. This, in turn, will impact the quality ofnew employees and also cost and time spent in the hiring process. Automation ofthe ex-employee verification process will help companies in saving time andresources and also will generate insights on attrition trends for betterretention practices.

Social Media

Thesignificance of social media for professional purposes is great. First,LinkedIn, and employment-oriented service and social platform that operates viawebsites and mobile apps, and how it has flourished into a leading referencepoint for job seekers as well as recruiters. However, other social media sitessuch as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent platforms to collect dataabout candidates and recruiters have used these in the past to do the same.

Digital on Boarding

Theend-to-end automation of the recruitment process- from hiring to verificationto on boarding- will catch up with employers so that all actions related tohiring are defined, allocated and completed in time to bring all stakeholderscovered in the hiring process on the same page. Digital on boarding will alsosupport organizations to attract and retain Gen Z talent by providing seamlesspreloading and on boarding experiences that engaged them in ways theycomprehend and appreciate.

Data Protection and Privacy

Arising concern worldwide, data protection and privacy norms will be impactingorganizations' hiring policies. With impending changes in regulations, be itGDPR or India's own personal data and privacy bill, employers will have toassess and redefine hiring practices and processes to stay compliant.

Recruitment Marketing

Competitionto lure talent is rising and this places candidates in a unique position in theequation where they select the employer as much as the employer selects them.In the coming generation, employer branding will be focused to attract andnurture talented workforce who are the best fit for the organization.Data-based targeting and retargeting of specific talent and employer brandinginitiatives will get importance to create consideration, interest, andawareness.

User-friendly Tech

Thisyear, some recruitment trends are focused solely on the end-user. Like one ofthe major difficulties employers suffer from the rapid changes in tech thathave taken place over the last decade is they hype fatigue that comes willsorting through all the bells and whistles or advance technology to find whatis actually important and value-adding. Tech companies will evolve in thecoming days to better serve and communicate with employers, to develop theirtech user-friendly, and to keep systems easy to implement.

Personalized Tech

Asrecruitment tech continues to evolve, we will see an enhanced movement towardsemployers picking and selecting tech based on their technical requirement needsinstead of implementing one system, which serves as a one-size-fits-all-model.While one-stop-solution may be desirable for both tech companies and employers,the technologies available have changed so rapidly in the last few that thatpicking and selecting the best items in the tech stack will be the bestpractice for recruitment, and will provide employers the chance to personalizetheir tech based on what they truly require.

Revisingyour hiring strategies for 2020 according to the current trends will help youdevelop a more efficient recruitment process and find the right candidates fit.

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