Pioneers of AI based SaaS platforms, Intelliber utilizes every area of client’s personal, professional and social landscapes

Pioneers of AI based SaaS platforms, Intelliber utilizes every area of client’s personal, professional and social landscapes

Pioneers of AI based SaaS platforms, Intelliber utilizes every area of client's personal, professional and social landscapes 

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Intelliber's founder J Ranjan is an EPSM participant from IIMC and MBA from James Cook University of Singapore, who carries around 8 years of work experience. Being a seller and marketer, he always believes in the fact that the best way to measure the usability of an employee towards a company is through the numbers they generate. Nearly five years ago, he met Ashish Rohilla during one of the functions hosted by him at the Constitution club of India. Mr. Ranjan was impressed by fact that Rohilla has been one of the earliest adapters of internet industry in India. What struck Ashish Rohilla the most in Ranjan was his ability to stay closest to ground realities which being innovative, disruptive and a path breaking visionary at the same time. Finally in 2014 from Delaware, the duo decided to launch Intelliber – a disruptive and imperatively intelligent product startup having AI based SaaS solutions across social enterprise, cloud accounting, e-learning, content intelligence, analytics and social networking domains. Their confidence to build a great founding team, makes Intelliber home to the world's 1st artificially intelligent, consumer focused and factor based networking & productivity platform With an advanced global technology platform, superior customer service and compliance expertise delivered by experts who understand global markets, Intelliber helps customers around the world meet their unique needs, through its wide array of services like Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics Automation, Business intelligence and analytics platforms. Having offices in New York and Jamshedpur, the company plans to be in Bangalore before the end of 2016. Intelliber, an active member of OIN (Open Invention Network) made it to the list of top alpha startups at Web Summit; Dublin, Rise Conference; Hong Kong and has also been selected as an alpha startup for Collision Conference; USA in April 2016. Recently , It won Queens Best Business 2015 award in New York.

Intelliber wanted to let end users be everything they are and utilize every area of their personal, professional and social landscapes. It has multiple products across various fields like enterprise networking, social networking, eLearning, accounting and content networking. As such, they are playing across various target segments. They believe that they have the capability to cater to all of these segments seamlessly. With its enterprise networking platform Convask (, they are facilitating collaboration between employees of small and medium businesses (Convask, is also perfectly scalable). With Socialyk (, they are uniting the marketers and customers like never before. Similarly, they are bringing together news readers and conference lovers from all around the globe with Contentuals (

Being a startup, they had terrible challenges hiring great resources due to lack of funds and the financial insecurity which comes into the minds of probable employees. Right from the day of inception, Intelliber has an aggressive approach towards fund raising. Their seed fund came through two folks at TCS and Cognizant against 0% equity. The biggest challenge, the company faced during fund raise was asymmetrical information processes being used to grade them as a bad or good risk. The immediate goal of the firm is to focus on user traction across Socialyk, Convask and Contentuals and ensure their customers get the best of platforms for their requirements. Intelliber is also looking to close its Seed to Series A rounds soonest within the next 2 months. Revenue wise the company is targeting figures of around $2 million over the next year. Long term goal is being one of the best employers apart from being a fortune 500 company in another 6-8 years. The company follows product based revenue models. On Convask; they are freemium and it happens to be free for companies with upto 5 users post which they charge $5 per user per month. Their content intelligence and analytics platform Contentuals is subscription based with a 30 day trial, for what they charge $14.99 per user per month for basic content management solutions. Stuffs like detailed analytics get charged additionally. Across Socialyk their business model is in-depth and data within data within data analytics, subscriptions, marketplace, advertisements, CPC, impressions and modular based .

" Our USP is in the detailed market research that we do to find the white spaces in the industries we cater to . All our platforms are end-user led, which is why we are able to provide ease of use and time saving applications. We are able to make our clients more productive and efficient. There are a lot of processes in the ways we prioritize R&D during product development, filling in market gaps through addition of features and tools which enable our end-users analytically " J Ranjan told The CEO Magazine.

" Most of the AI solutions solve a particular set of problems. We are different from many players in the sense we are futurist, predictive and enable our end users with default market research, market segmentation. Our products take into factors which determine how the consumers and market places behave. What sets us apart is the fact we power our users instead of just helping them achieve a certain solution" he added.

Key Officials

J Ranjan, CEO and founder of Intelliber, participated at EPSM program of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta from 2012-13 and James Cook University for MBA in International Business. Prior to Intelliber he has worked with Prodintel, Samsung and DI in the past. J Ranjan is an external judge, mentor and seed investor for startups curated & incubated out of BITS campuses across India. He is also a syndicate member at Tracxnlabs and assists early-stage startups. J Ranjan received his Strategic HR and Marketing at University of Wollongong in Dubai. His expertise enables him to help companies take the plunge from being a SMB to a large sized company.

Ashish Rohilla, co-founder and CTO of Intelliber, attended Hult International Business School for the degree of MBA. At Intelliber, as the CTO , he helps to understand the un-met innovation and technical needs of both their existing and potential customers; landscapes new business adjacencies and growth opportunities; and maps market development strategy with their technology and product innovation team. Mr. Rohilla has worked as Management, Innovation, Strategy and Technology [MIST] consultant with eight years of experience in IT enabled services. His roles include defining, designing and implementing product development strategies

As a startup, the company realised their end users are connected anyway. Intelliber wanted to aid and enhance the level of productive interactions within their end users through integration of predictive and planned elements within their products.

" We have got great user response on our platforms so far. For example, for one of our products, Convask, which is an enterprise networking platform has at present 11000 users, of which 2600 are paid users. The user base is growing at 32% month on month on Convask. Similarly, for Socialyk, which went live in January 2016, we already have around 10,000 users on our alpha platform. Contentuals which is a content spead, news circulation, events platform offers content intelligence and analytics to bloggers and content marketers across the world sees around 50 thousand UV hits monthly as of now" Intelliber expressed.

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