After long days and nights, finally, yourstartup is moving from your home to a physical office. Offices are referred toas second homes. But startup's offices are much more than that.

In a startup, people let go of the hierarchyand work together to make the brand a success. And it means more intimateconversations, thought sharing, more energy, and motivation in spite of a tightbudget and small office spaces.

Designing a perfect workspace keeping in mindthe budget and space constraints is a big challenge.

Light, Air, and Space

Employees spend most of their day away fromthe natural light staring at a computer.

Research says that a lack of exposure tonatural light can cause more harm than good.

Here, you should focus on using more naturallight in designing modern office space. You can plan a semi-open floor plan.

Clear the bulky solid walls and replace thesame with glass walls when an area needs to be separated. It will enhance aircirculation and air quality.

Reflect Your Company's Personality inDesigning

Reflect your company's personality in youroffice design. You can use company logo in your office designing and pickcolours that complement your corporate visual identity to create your ownunique work culture. I

t is best to let your team customize theirworkplace with their art and objects.

Brighten Your Office Space with Paint

A lick of paint will go a very long way.Brighten your office space with the right combination of colours and take thison as your little project.

Paint the space yourself and cut down oncosts. While it is tempting to splash out on brand colours in paint, they canbe hard to meet, and bright colours should always only be kept to a featurewall.

Go for Second-hand Furniture

You do not want to pay full price for desksand drawers, buy second-buy furniture. Furniture is one of the biggest costswhile starting a company so get a rummage at your local flea market orsecond-hand store.

Breakout Areas

You must think about breakout areas when youare thinking to have a smart office. Here, employees can get space to engage incommunication and exchange spontaneous thoughts.

It helps you to bring out the best in yourpeople. 

Do Some Plantation

Plants are an affordable and effective way tobrighten up an office space.

They work great in reducing stress in officesso they can be a sound investment in your team and your office space.

Cacti, succulents, and trees are easy-careplans that do not need lots of watering or sunlight.

Take Care of Storage

In a small office, you should focus onmaintaining a tidy office to do away with clutter. For this, you should haveproper storage solutions and also some rules in place like don't eat on thedesk, keep things arranged and more.

Also, exclude bins from work areas to ensurethat junks will not accumulate on the workstations.

Look Around

See that you have already, maybe lying aroundthe house! Do you have things you can use at your office? It can be a reallygood way to cut costs and still pimp out your office.

This is especially for those starting theirown online business. You may only require a laptop, PC screen, chair to getyour office space decked out and chances are your already have things lyingaround your home.

After all, the fact is that success is notevaluated by trendy and fascinating office layouts, amenities or the design.Revenue and profits show your growth. So make sure the structures of youroffice support you generate the revenue and benefit you need to make yourbusiness a success. 

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