Anger is anacid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anythingon which it is poured. – Mark Twain

Do you go out of control when someone cuts you off in traffic?Does your blood pressure reach on top when someone refuses to cooperate? Angeris a common emotion and can be healthy —it's important to deal with itpositively. But sometimes it can feel so hard to keep it under control anduncontrolled anger can take a toll on both your health and your relationships

Anger control is vital for helping you avoid saying or doingsomething you may regret. Here, we are listing some specific strategies forcontrolling anger; follow these techniques to release anger, stabilize your moods,have healthy relationships, and improve your health:

Move yourFeeling Out through Writing

The hands, feet, and voice are key channels for releasingemotional energy from the body. Here, writing that connects the mind and thehands can facilitate a powerful release. It can effectively get stuck emotionsmoving up and out of the body, thereby reducing or preventing the toxicemotional build-up that may be spilling out all over your life. Writing downyour emotions without any judgment is one of the best ways to become aware ofwhat's going on inside you.

Make anAnger Plan in Advance

Because it can be very hard to come up with ways to reduce youranger in the heat of the moment, try making an advance plan to help you calmyourself in the event when you get angry. Like, if you feel yourself beginningto grow angry, in which you calmly tell the other person you are feeling upsetand need to take a break.

In case, you are in conversation about a heated issue likepolitics or religion and it is making you angry- try to shift the conversationto a more neutral and pleasant topic.

Do SomeRelaxation Activities

Practice a few relaxation techniques to soothe your angryfeelings. If you practice these strategies regularly, you will find it easierto resort to them when you feel anger emerging. Make sure to find your bestway; for example, some people enjoy aromatherapy to help them relax. Manylisten to soothing music to take their mind away from the situation at hand andre-centre their thoughts.

Don't HoldGrudges

Holding grudges has more health implications for you than it doesfor the other people. It not only takes up your energy, but it also makes youremotional state toxic. Even if you have been legitimately offended that mostpeople have, try to take an empathic perspective instead of acting like avictim. When you get forgiving thoughts, you get a greater sense of perceivedcontrol and reduced physiological stress response that will help you reduceyour anger.

RecitePositive Affirmations

Recurring anger is an affirmation. You need to replace thesenegative affirmations with positive ones. You have the option to think in a waythat creates a negative mental atmosphere, or you can choose to think in a waythat helps develop a healthy atmosphere for you and the people around you.

Tell yourself that you are in control and no one can make you feelinferior. Doing this will support calm you down if you are beginning to feelyourself getting angry. Try to practice present as well as future affirmationsso you can adopt this technique to prevent anger and to deal with it at themoment when it is occurring.

Laugh AsMuch As You Can

Can you imagine an experience you have had where you ended uplaughing at something that made you crazy? This moment can be real transformationbecause humour is healing and empowering both. When you laugh about something,you gain power over it instead of allowing it to have power over you.

In case, you are not getting any humour in the situation that ismaking you angry, turn to things that you know will make you laugh, and enterin the positive frame of mind. Watch a funny movie or video; meet up withfriends who always make you laugh. It is a perfect way to transform yourmindset and get your mind off of whatever is making you angry.

Know When toSeek Help

Learning to control anger is a tough task for everyone on time. Ifyour anger seems out of control, don't waste your time, seek help from your family,friends and other people who can really help you.

These are few amazing ways that can help you release the toxicityin a healthy and meaningful way, and rid yourself of those septic feelingsforever.

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