Follows These Steps to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winters

Follows These Steps to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winters

Follows These Steps to Stay Safe and Healthyin Winters

Winter is coming, and it is the time to brace ourselves for thecold and harsh weather. Although it comes as no surprise, many of us are notready for its arrival. With shorter days and colder weather, winter season isthat time of the year, when we get irritated by dry skin and other health issues.

Moreover, the colder weather brings a lot of safety risks to usand to those around us, and some of these we may not even be aware of. Thesedays, doctor clinics and hospitals are full of patients. If you prepare for thehazards of winter in advance, you will be more likely to stay healthy.

Though itseems tough, these are few tips to keep these suffering ailments away fromyourself and your family:

  1. Eat Healthily: A healthydiet is the first step to build a strong immune system. It supports the body toresist viruses or infection. The body needs antioxidants and vitamins to stayhealthy, and some of the foods and spices like garlic, sweet potatoes,turmeric, and dark leafy greens provide you to fight off illness.
  • Plenty of Water: Likesummers, hydration is also important for winters. Drink plenty of waterthroughout the day. The hot weather reminds us that we are thirsty but when theweather becomes cooler we neglect hydration and think that our body does notneed anymore. When your body stays hydrated, it will keep your skin healthy,flush out toxins and war off winter bugs.
  • Stay Active: Continueyour physical activities through the winter to stay fit, boost your immunesystem function, decrease stress and keep your weight maintained. In case, youhave exercise pieces of equipment at your home, do 45 minutes to work out threeto five times a week. Joining the gym or go outside for winter walk are also agood option. If you have a bust schedule and do not have much time, try to wakeup an hour early for workouts and increase it during weekends.
  • Omega 3: Omega 3fatty acids are healthy fat that is founded in different types of food likefish, plant seeds and nuts. They are great in reducing joints pain andstiffness as they are a natural anti-inflammatory. Many studies have provedthat omega 3 fatty acids support lowering depression levels.
  • Hand Washing: Hand washingthroughout the day is an absolute must to maintain your health during thewinter season. It does not only protect your immune system and prevent you fromdeveloping flu and cold but it protects others around you.
  • Drink Milk: We are morelikely to get cold in winter, so make sure your immune systems are in tip-topcondition. Protein, vitamins A and B 12 and calcium to keep our bones strongare important for your body; take the milk and other dairy products likecheese, yogurt, and romage frais to get these healthy nutrients.
  • Heavy breakfast: Winter isconsidered as the perfect season for porridge. Start your day in a deliciousway with a warm bowlful and boost your intake of starchy foods and fiber. Thesefoods offer you energy and help you feel fuller for longer, stopping thetemptation to snack mid-morning. Also, oats holds great quantity of vitaminsand minerals.
  • Special Attention: Coldweather is especially dangerous for older people and people who havepre-existing or chronic health conditions. Take extra attention to keep thosepeople warm and well during periods of cold weather by keeping curtains drawnand doors closed to block draughts. Take regular hot drinks and at least onehot meal a day.
  • Health Issues: Colds andflu are common in winter; over 200 viruses cause the common cold. Flu is mainlycaused by a different group of viruses and is a far more severe healthcondition that can lead to death. The worst part is that antibiotics are not asuitable treatment for colds and flu; so protect yourself, cover your nose andmouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use your inner elbow. Keepcleaning surfaces and objects including doorknobs, keyboards, and phonesregularly.

In case, you have caught cold, no treatment will cure it, getenough rest and stay hydrated to recover.

It is a fact that during winters finding the motivation to stayhealthy and fit is no piece of cake. And that can lay the foundation for aweakened immune system, posing a bigger risk of causing illness.

These are the best winter wellness tips and ideas to ensure youhave lots of ways to stay healthy, fit and safe this holiday season and beyond.With these healthy winter measures, you will be able to recognize where yourhealth falls short and what you can do to boost it during this time of year.

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