Trust and loyalty are the twofactors that are associated with luxury for the longest time. The luxury brandsoffer top-notch quality products and exclusivity to their customers and receivecustomer loyalty in return. However, today brand trust and customer relationsare neither formed nor maintained like before. They are dictated by theinternet and how actively a brand is seen online, but some brands have managedto retain their position in the list of top most trusted luxury watch brandswith the exclusive collections.

"The only real luxury isTime; you cannot get the time back"

Time is luxury and owning atimepiece created by experienced craftsmen with attention to details is thebest form in which one wants to own time. The luxury watch brands are desiredare created and owned by the men of passion, the passion for creating the best.

 Top 5 Most Trusted Luxury WatchBrands

Luxury as a whole is present isin every industry, from fashion to healthcare. Though the fashion luxuryindustry is and its increasing demand is visible upfront. The fashion luxuryindustry is diverse in itself and contains various niches like clothes, shoes,and accessories. Today we are discussing the top 5 most trusted luxury watchbrands for men.

Every luxury watch is a piece ofimpressive craftsmanship and stylish aesthetic. The luxury makes them more thansimple accessories but a status symbol and a timepiece. It is impossible toresist a luxury watch, as it guarantees to deliver fashion and function foryears to come, especially for the watch enthusiasts. From its sophisticateddesigns to the magnificence and prestige that these brands provide, let usunfold the most trusted luxury watch brands:

1.    Rolex: Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmanufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland founded originally as"Wilsdorf and Davis" by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London,England in 1905. The brand name watch registered Rolex in 1908 and it becameRolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915. One of the company slogans by Rolex was "A Crown forEvery Achievement" which is represented in its every timepiece. The mostexpensive watches by Rolex are Rolex Daytona watch, Split Seconds Chenograph,Lenon Dial Paul Newman Daytona and Bao Dai watch.

2.     Bvlgari: Bvlgari is an Italian luxurybrand founded in 1884, around 135 years ago by Sotirios Voulgaris in Rome,Italy. The company broke the world record with its Buvlgari Octo FinissimoTourbillion Automatic watch. It is the thinnest automatic tourbillon. Itmeasures a mere of 1.95 millimeters with a depth of 3.95 millimeters. The caseand strap of this timepiece are as luxurious as it gets, made from sandblastedtitanium while the dial was made with the skeletonized variety. The exclusivequality products and services have made Bvlgari one of the most trusted luxurybrands in men's watch industry.

3.    Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe is a watchmanufacturer founded in 1839, located in Canton of Geneva and the Vallee deJoux. The company is owned by a Stern family in Switzerland since 1932. PatekPhilippe is one of the oldest manufacturers in the history of watchmaking. Thebrand has designed and manufactured various timepieces as well as numerousmechanical watches. Patek Philippe is one of the most trusted luxury brandswith over 400 retail locations globally and dozens of distribution centersacross Asia, North Ameria, Europe, and Oceania. For enthusiasts who lovecollecting watches, the company has been favorite for years.

4.    Audemars Piguet: Founded in 1875, AudemarsPiguet produces thousands of exclusive timepieces every year. The brand wasfounded by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edwards-Auguste Piguet. This luxury brandis also known for creating its first steel luxury sports watch and its RoyalOak wristwatch in 1972. The Royal Oak collection helped the brand rise to theprominence in watchmaking history.

5.    Vacheron Constantin: One of the mosttrusted brands and manufacturers of luxury watches, Vacheron Constantin wasfounded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 in Geneva Switzerland. This brand is oneof the members of the Richemont Group of fine watches. Vacheron Constantinwatches are a true representation of luxury and heritage that the brand hasbeen carrying forward from ages. The watches are created with precise detainingin traditional shapes and styling, making them unique. 


Owning any luxury is one of themost desired pleasures in the world. Watches are not just an accessory but theyplay an essential role in the lives of various people. A luxury watch is arepresentation of precision and quality which everyone wants to display as apart of their work. Watchmaking industry has been known for the craftsmanshipand detailed timepieces it creates. In the history of luxury men's watchbrands, some brands have gained the position of most trusted luxury brands. Themost trusted brands represent the top choices of watch enthusiasts today.

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