Expand your Marketing Vision with Lessons from of Elon Musk

Expand your Marketing Vision with Lessons from of Elon Musk

Expand your Marketing Vision with Lessons from of Elon Musk 

Theworld is fascinated by visionaries. These are the people who run successfulbusinesses, carry on innovation and challenge the norms of society. These arealso the people that every startup owner needs to look when running hisbusiness, no matter how small. Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbergand Jeff Bezos started from the bottom too. When it comes to your marketingstrategy, these visionaries can guide you.

In thearticle below, we will learn from the advice of the most successfulentrepreneur of this time, Elon Musk. He is the founder of many multi-millionand billion dollar companies like SolarCity, SpaceX and Tesla. He is recognisedas a famous entrepreneur, inventor, and engineer. He is worth billions and mostof the current generation consider him to be a true genius. Below are mentioned5 marketing lessons you can learn from Elon Musk:

  • Think outside the box

Elonhas never been scared of being different; in fact, he has become what he istoday because he appreciated the uniqueness in him. He has challenged the normsof society at every step. During a time when people were unsure of the securityof the Internet, Musk along with his friends established PayPal, an onlinemoney transfer service. It has gained massive popularity since then. He hasalways taken on challenging tasks in his life as his latest dream is toestablish human societies on Mars. 

In aninterview, Elon Musk quoted that "I like to be involved in things thatchange the world. The Internet did, and space will probably be more responsiblefor changing the world than anything else. If humanity can expand beyond theEarth, obviously that's where the future is."

Well,it is not necessary for you to have a world-changing idea but, to carry out anyidea you need to step out of your comfort zone. Take a few chances, dosomething creative and in the long run, you will be rewarded. 

  • Look to the future

Muskisn't satisfied with the existing scenario. He pushes boundaries and finds waysto move his businesses into the future. And no matter what he does, he alwayshas a plan. His recent announcement was that he wants to put men on Mars by2022.

Whenyou think about your own business, what are your goals? Where do you see yourbusiness moving in the future? Without a plan, you won't be able to grow.Successful marketers are four times more likely to set goals than averagemarketers. Along with your team, establish goals for your marketing strategyand for your business overall. Revisit your goals yearly, quarterly and evenmonthly. Goals are the map for your destination. 

Relevantto this point Elon Musk said that "Life needs to be more than justsolving everyday problems. You need to wake up and be excited about thefuture."

  • Create a Mastermind Team

"Startingand growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive and determinationof the people who do it as it is about the product they sell." Elon Musk

Asingle man can't run a successful organization. Every leader needs the rightteam to support them and help turn their vision into a reality. Elon hascreated a mastermind team in each of his companies. He has also made a point tohire people with the skills necessary for each of his projects to besuccessful.

Hiringthe right team is important and everyone you hire needs to be aligned with yourvision and purpose to produce the quality work. Your team also needs a balanceof the right types of employees. Whether that includes designers, writers,salespeople or engineers, make sure you don't leave any gap unfilled.

  • Keep on Learning 

Inbusiness and marketing, things are constantly changing. Every day, there arenew tools, technology, best practices and more. To stay on top of them, youneed to take the time to learn.

First,you need to understand your lack of knowledge. Over the course of your career,there will be times when you don't have all the answers. The same was true forElon Musk. Without a doubt, he is an amazing engineer and physicist but tolaunch SpaceX he learned about rockets and space.  

In aninterview, he said that "It was a huge learning curve for me because Ihad never designed anything physical apart from building rockets as a kid orsomething,"

Youcannot run from your lack of knowledge, you need to tackle them by taking thenecessary steps to either learn or hire people who are experts in thatfield. 

  • Work Hard

Well,there is no substitute for hard work. No matter what type of business you run,to be successful, you must put in the work. No successful company was built inone day and certainly not with half of the efforts. 

"Ifyou're the CEO of a company, you have to work your bloody ass off. And ifyou're the CEO of two companies you have to work two bloody asses off and youdon't have two asses." Elon Musk said this in aninterview. 


Youneed to learn to manage your time well and invest a good amount of hours toachieve your goals. Elon has divided his time among all of his companies andstill, he can make a profit out of it. If you can follow the advice from ElonMusk then you will be successful.

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