10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020

10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020
10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020

10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020

As an artist, you wish your work to pop in real life as well as online. The digital world is a perfect medium for you to show off your work and potentially gain new clients.

For artists, a website can be a great asset. With it, you can easily introduce your work to the world. Your portfolio is what represents you and your work, so it needs to be just right, and easily accessible by everyone.

So, if you have not launched your site already, you need to start working on launching your website. And for this, you need two things, a domain name, and a hosting account.

Thankfully, there is no need to bang out or slowly, stutteringly trudge out lines of code anymore.

Getting a domain name is easy. But the problem comes when you go for a hosting account. Because there is a variety of web hosting providers available that it gets tricky to get the best fit. But don't worry. We have come up with a solution.

Here, we have listed the 10 best web hosting for artists in this article. So, if you are an artist and looking for a good web host for you, check it out right now;


Wix is not just a simple web hosting for your website. But this is a complete cloud hosting and AI-driven site builder experience for beginners as well as professionals. Wix gets you the simplest way to create a site and powerful hosting to make it fast.

If you have just started and you do not want to get paid web hosting service, Wix provides you with website hosting for free unlimited. But that, of course, comes with a few limitations. Still, it is very good to get you started and use all of the brilliant templates and design elements Wix has.

If you are okay to pay, Wix provides you the choice of 8 plans starting at $13/month. It provides you with 2GM of bandwidth and 3GB of storage and a domain name. It is perfect for professional portfolios and is also a great best website builder for artists.


Kinsta is known for offering only WordPress web hosting packages. If you want to use WordPress CMS on your site, then no other option is as good as Kinsta.

A lot of artists all across the world are using WordPress on their sites because of its ease of use. The fact that makes Kinsta unique is that it is not your typical WordPress web host. It offers premium WordPress web hosting for customers.

Their fully managed service makes it the best artist website hosting. Also, security is over the top here. Kinsta brings some of the best and fastest web servers in the industry.

They have partnerships with a lot of tech giants. Besides, a lot of major companies all over the world use their service like Buffer, Trip Advisor, Ubisoft, MariaDB, etc. Overall, Kinsta is a good web hosting solution for artists.


Squarespace is among the top artist web hosting services with a pretty solid hosting platform. Once you create your account on Squarespace, it will handle your website, your hosting, and all the design features. A great choice if you wish the content and design styles of your site all in one place.

Squarespace even has a portfolio tour page that detailed all the features like custom photo galleries, custom forms, and plenty of templates you get when launching a portfolio on their platform. 

But there is the thing you might not like- limited pricing. You are allowed to select between two plans and they come at $12.mo and $18/mo. It does not mean it is not a good choice. Squarespace is one of the most recommended web hosting options for designers and other artists.


Cloudways is the first choice for an artist who needs to showcase high-quality images on their website. On the general website, when you store a lot of high-quality images, it gets slow day by day.

To resolve this issue, you can start to use cloud hosting. Cloudways is the best choice when it comes to cloud hosting. For instance, they only hold cloud hosting packages. Yes, it is a fact. They offer only web hosting packages related to cloud hosting.

The best part about Cloudways hosting is its affordable web-hosting cost. Besides, you get to pay on an hourly basis. In this way, you will not have to pay more than your use.

Cloudways has partnered with many big tech companies that have their own data companies all across the globe. This is the reason why they can offer over 20 data centers to their customers.

10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020
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DreamHost is also a great web hosting option especially if you want to open an online store to sell your works. It is a premium WordPress hosting platform that is simple to use, reliable, and also affordable.

DreamHost brings 2 plans starting at $2.59/mo. Both plans include unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, and privacy, and many other features.

Apart from its pre-installed WordPress, DreamHost provides a drag-and-drop website builder. This way the process of creating a site becomes interactive and highly visual. Combine it with tons of WordPress themes and you get a stunning website of yours.


A popular web hosting company in the USA, InterServer is a very good option for artists. It brings very much all the common web hosting packages at affordable prices.

InterServer also offers Windows web hosting facilities. Primarily, they bring 2 types of web hosting that start at $5/month. It offers most of the essential features and is backed up by 30 days of a money-back guarantee. Moreover, you get Pro web hosting packages that come with a few special features.


BlueHost is a renowned name when it comes to easy hosting with great support. Besides, it is among the top names for best portfolio website hosting sites.

It is a huge name in hosting for good reason, it is just amazing. Besides BlueHost comes with its proprietary 1-click install, which automatically installs WordPress onto any server you get.

Pricing is super affordable here, it provides 5 free emails addressed with web hosting under their cheapest plan. This means you can launch web hosting, email hosting, and a WordPress site within 5 minutes all through this platform.

When you sign up for a new plan you get a free domain with web hosting. So keep your entire website hosting monthly billing through BlueHost and cut the confusing domain setup process to nothing.


Portfoliobox is the most reliable and affordable portfolio hosting option. It provides you with a full website with support for a custom domain name. You can consider it to get everything you need. With the free, you are limited on total resources for your site;

  • 30 images

  • 10 pages

  • 10 products

For most artists, it will be enough. Mainly if you have the same portfolio and just want to get something online fast.

The first paid plan started from $7/mo, you can upgrade it and get unlimited pages, 1000 images plus goodies like extra themes and plugins.


Established in the year 2006, HostPapa provides excellent web hosting services for artists.

Even though it is a Canada-based hosting service provider, they offer its services all across the world. They provide shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller and WordPress, etc. Web hosting packages.

Also, they offer 24/7 customer support. So get help from them anytime you are stuck. Another major advantage of HostPapa is that its price is very reasonable and you get the major web hosting packages here.


Widely known for offering some of the lowest-priced web hosting packages, iPage can be a good choice for designers as well as a photographer looking for specified web hosting services for artists.

They provide various free web hosting-related features with every new web hosting account. Also, every new web hosting account older can register a new domain name for free for the first year which is a great incentive to go with iPage.

With all these web hosting options, you will be able to find the right service provider for your site. Which one will select? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020
10 Best Web Hosting Sites for Artists in 2020

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