Priya George of DealsInsight Making Inroads into the Sales Consulting Industry

Priya George of DealsInsight making inroads into the Sales consulting industry
Priya George of DealsInsight making inroads into the Sales consulting industry

Priya George of DealsInsight Making Inroads into the Sales Consulting Industry

Irish Poet and Playwright Oscar Wilde once remarked, 'The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.' It is a kind of ambiguous message to give, and difficult to interpret the philosophical undertones.

Nonetheless, in current times, it is quite injudicious to avoid the sagacious advice of knowers, be it the case of personal or professional aspects. Since the advent of an organized form of society and the rise of the state, consulting has always been an integral part of any organized or individual entity.

The rise of the commercial industry also didn't remain untouched by it for long. The modern form of consulting traces its roots to the late 19th and early 20th century. At that time, consulting firms in the United States studied manufacturing to increase workplace productivity.

The post-war (WW2) American economy expanded rapidly. Not only this, there were various shocks to the economy, and the prevalent social order of the day pushed the further rise of the consulting industry.

The rapid changes in the rules and political structures governing trade, complemented by improvements in telecommunications, made globalization more feasible. It added new strains to domestic firms and making possible the growth of multinational firms with greater internal cohesion.

The events of 9/11 and the 2005 London bombings shifted the business landscape to safety, security, risk and mitigation. Currently, the global consulting industry market size is about $ 491 billion according to the reports of Plunkett Research. NASSCOM estimated the Indian consulting industry size of about $154 billion in the year 2017.

Within the consulting sector, the significance of the individual's role is notably pronounced. One such individual, Priya George, stands out as a seasoned professional in Sales and Business Development, a skilled multilingual speaker, and a bold risk-taker. Fueled by her passion for aiding businesses of varying scales and sectors in augmenting growth and profitability, she elevated her endeavours by founding DealsInsight in 2017.

With a penchant for both Rock and Sufi music, Priya also nurtures a fervent love for travel. The company is driven by a mission to collaborate with and empower SMEs in realizing their aspirations. Functioning as their dedicated sales extension, the company devises comprehensive go-to-market strategies, secures new clientele, and enhances business outcomes. Through a data-driven and analytical methodology, this approach accelerates the process of expanding their market presence, visibility, and revenues, all achieved at a reduced cost and with quicker time-to-value.

She has more than 15 years of executive-level sales experience in various industries and geographies across the US, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa & Asia.

Her professional background centres on key areas such as inside sales, cultivating relationships, sales strategies, business development, crafting innovative go-to-market approaches, expertise as a client engagement specialist, driving new market expansion, and formulating customer acquisition strategies. This diverse skill set has been honed through her involvement with a range of organizations, both MNCs and Startups, including Crayon Data, Frost and Sullivan, IDC, Biz Group and

Her strength and passion have always been, understanding her customers' core needs, building relationships that provide value, and ensuring continuous customer success.

The Start-up City magazine spoke with Priya George. Here are some of the edited excerpts.

Priya George of DealsInsight making inroads into the Sales consulting industry

Panoramic view of the organization

"We are steadily growing in terms of team size, customers, and revenues. We are very excited to work with innovative start-ups across the world and very keen to take them to market. We also have mentors who are experts in their domain with at least 25 years of sales experience. We believe that the "One Size Fits All" approach to selling is dead because every customer is unique.

We take complete ownership of our customer's sales journey. We work with start-ups, small and mid-sized companies who are looking to grow and expand their business outside India or within India. For many of us just beginning in start-ups, sales and speaking to prospective customers can be confusing and unknown.

Our mission is to partner with and support small and medium enterprises in building their company by being their extended sales arm. So, I chose this mission to support SMEs and to contribute and be part of their success story," says Priya.

Personal aspects

My approach involves thorough research, enhancing the value I provide to prospects prior to promoting any of my company's products or services. This sets me apart, positioning me as someone who not only respects clients' needs but also proactively anticipates their requirements.

By consistently going beyond expectations and striving to exceed customer requests, I aim to delight clients and continually set myself apart. This practice contributes to the cultivation of robust customer relationships based on differentiation and exceptional service.

An effective leader embodies profound passion and unwavering dedication in their actions, serving as an inspiration to their team and motivating them to excel. Integral to leadership is the presence of humility, which transcends mere humility itself. "Humility implies an unyielding, insatiable drive to serve and succeed," I perceive this as the pivotal factor behind my achievements.

The most rewarding part of leading people is seeing their personal and professional growth. They become the best version of themselves and learn new things every day. "My determination to serve my clients who are start-ups in building their dream sales funnel and helping them grow is my motivation mantra."

Our motto is that we grow only if our customers grow! We constantly update our sales, marketing techniques, tools, practices,s and delivering a little more and being outstanding. This consistently helps us in building strong relationships with our customers.

"The ability to empathize and lack of patience is my greatest strength and weakness. Being a leader brings many difficulties, but if these difficulties are viewed as an opportunity to do something different or create a win-win situation, then every difficulty is worth it," says Priya.

Priya prefers a balance between visionary, coaching, and pacesetting leadership. She loves working out. She spends her free time performing and instructing Kathak.

Her favorite books are Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki, Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar, and The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer. Her favourite places on the globe are Lisbon, Toledo, and Paris.

A piece of advice and the road ahead

You need Humility. As Jim Collins says, "Humility simply means you have a burning, driving, relentless ambition to serve and to win, without the arrogance to delude yourself into believing that you are all-knowing or always right."

We will constantly evolve and innovate. The world of sales and marketing is fast growing and going to be more competitive in the years to come. According to Ryan Estis the former chief strategy officer for the McCann World group, "In 2020, the most successful salespeople will be the teachers.

The ones who can help clients think differently about the future of their business." "Teaching is a gateway to a credible relationship built on trust. Look for every opportunity to contribute value and provide expert guidance up front." We are completely in sync with this and believe this will make a difference.

Priya George of DealsInsight making inroads into the Sales consulting industry
Priya George of DealsInsight making inroads into the Sales consulting industry

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