Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: Taking India Legal Towards A Broader Perspective With Innovative Strategies 

Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: taking India legal towards a broader perspective with innovative strategies 
Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: taking India legal towards a broader perspective with innovative strategies 

Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: Taking India Legal Towards a Broader Perspective With Innovative Strategies

Vaibhav Gaggar is aligned with excellence, he believes in hard work, professionalism, and the power of possibilities.

Lawyers are considered as one of the most important professionals in the world, and India is no exception. It has some influential and dynamic legal eagles, which can hold the whole court in awe with their effective arguments and excellent confidence.

In the law circles of India, Vaibhav Gaggar is a famous name. Vaibhav is recognized as the "Go to Counsel" for his in-depth experience, innovative strategies, and intense domain knowledge in Anti-Trust.  He holds the ability to handle the toughest of corporate cases with amazing ease.

Vaibhav Gaggar started his career working as an advocate at the office of Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra and has been involved in critical to draw matters, representing clients in cases like the cement Cartelisation, Coal Scam, Home Trade Scam, Bhopal Gas tragedy, DLF Bellaire Case, Jindals vs. Lord Swaraj Paul, Monsanto vs. Indian Seed Companies, Reliance Jio Infocom vs Vodafone, Google vs. Bharat Matrimony Case, ICAI vs. Union of India, Bank of Baroda Scam, JCB Competition case, cartelisation in the Auto sector, Leniency Petition Cases, and many others.

He has been bestowed with national & international awards and felicitations by numerous leading publications.

This year, Vaibhav won Best Litigation Lawyer of the Year 2019 by Corporate USA Today and Ranked In the individual category as leader in the 40 Under 40 Category and as a Firm by Benchmark Litigation.

Recently, he was impaneled as a Lifetime member arbitrator in ASSOCHAM. Vaibhav studied law at ILS law college Pune and graduated in commerce from Modern School.

With a dream of creating something of his own coupled with the belief to create something with a difference, Vaibhav established Gaggar & Partners. He introduced an interesting young team that possesses the right assets and can take on the experiences and larger firms as everyone starts from scratch in these genres.  Present-day, Vaibhav is the Managing Partner of the firm.

To know more, our Editorial team spoke to Vaibhav Gaggar in line with Gaggar & Partners and its journey ahead.

Here are the edited excerpts.

Throw some light on the operations and offerings of Gaggar & Partners.

Cream of the crop

Gaggar & Partners is a full-service law firm with an invaluable synergy of 5 decades of experience of the Senior partners coupled with the energy and focus of the new generations.

The Firm has focused extensively on niche areas of developing laws such as Cyber, Gaming, Anti-Trust and Competition, White Collar Crimes, and Regulatory verticals such as the Real Estate Regulatory Act, Environment, NCLT, Intellectual Property, etc.

In terms of industries, we have a very deep understanding of the real estate, Gaming, InfoTech, and Hospitality sectors.

Our clients include Seed Companies of India, Competition Commission of India, Hyatt, Bellaire Association, Citi Bank, SaralCommunication, Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council, Fastway Transmission, numerous startups, and a host of gaming companies.

Briefus over the notable matters handled by the firm.

We have had the good fortune of being involved in several cases across different verticals.

  • In the supreme court of India, we have assisted in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case; the securities scam case of 1992

  • We conceived of and drafted the first of its-kind legislation in India and perhaps globally which got enacted in 2016 called the Online games of skill act. This helped several companies obtain licenses for games of skill such as Poker, Rummy, etc.

  • We also represent several celebrities and sportspersons such as Virender Sehwag so, there's a lot of cutting-edge work in the sports and entertainment sector.

Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: taking India legal towards a broader perspective with innovative strategies 
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In recent, we have successfully represented on behalf of the Competition Commission of India in the Cement Cartelization case where in a penalty of Rs. 6300 Crores was imposed by NCLAT for allegedly creating a cartel. 

What challenges have you faced in your career?

Different phases represent diverse sets of challenges. Since we set up the firm at a very early stage in our careers, the first phase was clearly about gaining the trust of the clients. Post the initial stage; the challenge became how to ensure optimum quality service despite being small in size, infrastructure, and revenue.

What unique approach do you bring with your firm?

We partner with our clients from the conceptualization of a business idea stage to walking the path to structuring, helping them get investor-friendly, deal with legalities and hurdles, and bring about pre-emptive strategies, which can help their business and eventually help them scale and exit. Another very important differentiator, perhaps, is that we understand the value of every penny that's spent by the client.

Do the legal questions facing different industries differ and how do you take them on?

Laws, of course, vary from sector to sector; though, the fundamentals always remain the same. Deep research, understanding the nuances of the case, and applying the right law, logic, and strategy are critical factors to deal with all cases, irrespective of the sector.

Throw some light on the awards received by the firm.

Under the dynamic leadership of Vaibhav Gaggar, the firm has been recognized and honored by various publications for its expertise, some of them are:

  • Competition Law Firm of the Year in India – M&A Today –Global Awards 2019

  • Competition Law Firm of the Year in India – LawyerInternational's – Legal 100 – 2019 Awards

  • Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2019 edition – as a recommended firm

  • Anti-Trust & Competition Law Firm of the Year – Indiaby a renowned Magazine


  • Most Promising Corporate Legal Consultant 2019

What is a day in the life of your career look like?

A day in my career runs around researching, Writing, Court Appearances, Phone Calls, Meeting with Clients, and Mentoring. Itstarts around 9 AM. Typically the day goes in Court, running between at least 3-4 courts daily and then once we are back there are conferences, research, preparation, and then getting that 2 hours a day when I formulate my thoughts and strategies for the next day's matters.

Present your standpoint on the Indian legal system and its problems.

According to me, the huge population, lack of infrastructure, uneducated society, and growing economy with its set of challenges and the best brains not always willing to join the judiciary are the common problems in the Indian legal system

What is your take on legal education in India?

Very theoretical! Frankly, it needs a total overhaul. Even now like all educational systems in India, we believe more in the theory of things rather than understanding the practical aspects and implementation of the same.

What have been the keys to your success?

Passion, a never say die attitude, self-belief, hard work, a great team is the keys to my success.

Footprint and Future Ahead

We are looking at expanding ourselves with top talents across legal and industry verticals. We also see ourselves expanding into different jurisdictions within and outside the country soon.

Word to the Wise

Nothing is impossible. Don't let anyone ever tell you that it can't be done. Remember, the impossible is M Possible. Dream and spread your wings.

You can't control life but, you can certainly control what you dream. Coupled with the right attitude, lots of hard work, passion for what you do, and the strength to walk the tough path.

Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: taking India legal towards a broader perspective with innovative strategies 
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Vaibhav Gaggar & Gaggar & Partners: taking India legal towards a broader perspective with innovative strategies 
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