Things to Do Before and After a Workout for Excellent Output

Things to Do Before and After a Workout for Excellent Output

Things to Do Before and After a Workout for Excellent Output

Everfeel like you are not getting enough out of your workout at the gym, the partor in your home in front of a YouTube workout video?

A healthy body is more than muscles, and a perfect workoutroutine depends on more than the time you spend sweating it out. Actually,workout is the easiest part of fitness routine. Whether you walk, jog, liftweights, does CrossFit, an hour is only four percent of your daily routine, andyou cannot make that more important than the 23 other hours.

Thinks like good nutrition and enough rest matter too, and aproper pre- and post-workout rituals can ensure you are recovering properly,fuelling your efforts, and crushing it in every single workout.

In order to help, we have put together before and afterworkout checklist to get the most out of your exercise and physical activities;

GetEnough Rest

The most imperative thing in any fitness program starts withthe minute you go to sleep- it is where all the magic happens. Quality sleepenergizes you through every burpee or sprint and keeps your hunger hormones incheck. Here, one should set boundaries with his electronics before bed so thelight does not keep him awake. Proper rest is extremely important a workout, –that's when muscles get to recover.

TakeCare of Food

The timing in which you eat a pre-workout meal or snackdepends on your digestive tendencies. Generally, try to take such food beforeexercise that can provide you with an adequate amount of energy. There is nohard-and-fast rule.

Some people get an upset stomach when they eat too close toa workout. Regardless of the timing, include carbs and protein on the menu.Toast with peanut butter is a great source of carbs, fat, and protein. Fruitslike bananas, apples, and organs are complex carbohydrates while protein shakesalso work amazingly.


There is no denying of staying hydrated, but being overlyhydrated before your workout can be counterproductive. Data says that downingtoo much water could put you at risk for a rare, yet serious condition calledhyponatremia. When this occurs, your kidneys cannot process all that water fastenough. When it happens, you will feel weak, with a loss of energy, and willlikely experience cramping. Avoid it by drinking water consistently throughoutthe day.


Prepare your body for the workout that lies ahead so you canperform to your max. A dynamic warmup will boost the core temperature, facilitateblood flow to your muscles and cut the risk of injury while preparing your bodyto move well. You do not need to do complicated warmup but it should beeffective. A simple dynamic warmup might consist of skipping, bear crawlforward and backward, carioca sideways for 5-7 minutes.

GetDressed Properly

No matter how intense your workout routine is, never neglectto wear proper workout attire for your exercise. Make sure to get comfortableclothes. Here, breathable shirts and shorts are great besides tanks and sportsbras give you enough support. Apart from the comfort side, the right choice ofworkout attire can prevent injuries from popping up in the long-run. Like, agood pair of shoes can save your heels and knees from the sustained injury. Youdo not need to have a closet-full of yoga pants and running tanks, but makesure that you have suitable options for every routine you plan.


As soon as you finish your major workout, finish your lastmile on the track or treadmill. Don't stop completely- but cool down. There aremany ways to bring your heart rate down from engaging in some yoga poses andstretching to doing a light jogging, walking or even jumping in the pool. It isreally up to you- but make sure to do this for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

YourPost-workout Fuel

Do never skip your food after the workout. There is a 30-45minute window after you work out when your body needs carbohydrates and proteinto replenish and restore what you have used up. In case, you do not eat afteryour exercise, chances are you will feel starving in a short time. It means youwill most likely grab whatever is easiest and fastest.

So these are a few important steps that you need to followafter and before your workout. Follow this and well-prepared before engaging inany sort of physical activity to settle into your workout. The right food,drinks, gear, muscle preparation will let you maximize the intensity of yourworkout while remaining comfortable.


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