Themassive demand for website hosting in India has caused companies to rush andfill the vacuum. The hosting industry in India is a boom and top hostingproviders are approaching the country.

Today,there are plenty of options available for the best web hosting in India. Irrespective of your area of interest, companies come up with variety ofhosting packages bearing different costs. Even some companies offer websitehosting for free. While this choice provides you a certain level of freedom, itcan also be downright confusing. With so many options to select from, how doyou know you have selected the right choice?

AtStartup City website, you can easily compare different hosting providers basedon features like pricing, security features, customer support, uptime, and manymore.

Sowithout further delay, check out the list of Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companiesin India;


Hostingeris known as one of the largest and fastest independent hosting serviceproviders with over 29 million users. The uptime of this service provider is99.9% that is industry standards. It provides extensive features like SSDstorage, Weekly backups, Nginx caching, a website builder and many more.Furthermore, Hostinger offers either a free domain name or an SSL certificate.

Here,the support team seems to be authorized to provide extra sign-up bonuses tocustomers in India. One negative point is that Hostinger's support is onlyavailable by chat or email. But the excellent support quality covers theprevious disadvantage.


Amongthe leading web hosting providers of the country, SiteGround provides a perfectmid of advanced features for any type of website. It is easy to install awebsite on SiteGround. Besides, it features excellent page loading speed withthe support of its SuperCacher, solid-state drives and advanced technologieslike NGINX, PHP7, HTTP/2, and free CDN.

Moreover,SiteGround offers Let's Encrypt Certificate with every plan and has awesomesecurity with over 800 of its own firewall rules. Present-day, many Indianbusinesses are working with SiteGround as the prescribed hosting because of itsimpressive support and management.

GreenGeeks Hosting

Foundedin the year 2006 in California, GreenGeeks offers a wide range of web hostingproducts and services. Whether your business is small or big, this web hostingprovider will help you with everything you require to run a successfulsite. 

 The main objective of GreenGeeks Hosting is tobe as environmentally friends as much as possible. It provides an assortment ofshared server hosting plans for everybody from novices to bigger organizationswith multiple features at a reasonable price. In case, you have doubt about theprice, you can easily do web site hosting price comparison and choose the onethat fits in your needs.


Providingweb hosting services to over 1 million satisfied customers, iPage is among theleading names in website hosting in India. It has a vision of offering thecheapest hosting services that have been propagating as its unique sellingpoint for a long time and continue to do the same now and in the future.

Itprovides website hosting options with a free domain name, unlimited bandwidthand unlimited email accounts. You also get $2000 worth of free Adwords thatgives a certain cost-effective advantage to your business. Additionally, it offerscustomers enhanced security software that protects your website from potentialand invasion.


Intendingto deliver innovative ideas to millions of people globally, Bluehost is aleading name in website hosting service in India. If you are worried about thewebsite hosting rates before taking the service Bluehost can help you.

Bluehostprovides comprehensive tools to millions of people, empowering and supportingthousands of websites every day without making a major change in the cost. WithBluehost, you get all the necessary IT services and a group of a dedicated teamthat is always ready to provide 24*7 supports to the customer and thus becomingone of the best names among service providers.


Which webhosting is best? It is tough to say any particular name but, there are fewnames that fulfil the required criteria to be among the top names. And,Dreamhost is an important name. It is based in Los Angeles and provides webhosting and domain name registration services. The company is completely ownedby New Dream Network and was established in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones,Sage Well, and Michael Rodriguez.

Dreamhostoffers a 97-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with theservices. The portfolio of the company is really impressive and it amasses morethan 40000 satisfied clients and over 1.5 million websites.

A2 Hosting

Provingits excellence in the best web hosting for India 2020, A2 Hosting has been arenowned name over the years in terms of its features. The best part that putit among web hosting top 10 is that setting up a website with A2 Hosting is quitesimple. It has been emphasizing on offering an excellent page loading speedusing A2 optimized WordPress hosting ever since it started as it totallybelieves in the significance of best page loading speed in SEO.

Moreover,A2 Hosting brings special Web Hosting Deals every year that is a great optionfor visitors. Most importantly, it provides 99.9% uptime and "Anytime Money Back Guarantee" thatreflects its commitment towards its services.


A verypopular name for Best Web Hosting for Small Business in India 2020, GoDaddyoffers great web services. This company has grown rapidly in the last few yearswith its excellent promotions and marketing efforts. Even when someone withalmost zero knowledge of web hosting plans and doesn't know what web hosting isGoDaddy is the first name that actually crossed one's mind to take his businessonline.

Itprovides the cheapest yet reliable web hosting services in the country andalso, setting up a website got easier with GoDaddy. In addition, it providesoptions to select the closest data centres for the most optimized results. Mostimportant, it provides round the clock monitoring, DDoS protection, 24X7Customer Support and more than 125 application like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress,etc. 


BigRockoffers extensive features including SiteLock security, an SSL certificate,cPanel, a CDN and many more. It brings a one-page website builder, Cloud forBusiness hosting plans and dedicated servers-features exclusive to users in thecountry. For customer support, it has support channels- phone, chat, and email.

Anadditional advantage for India is that BigRock has local support. If you arethinking about how much website hosting cost per year with BigRock, the pricingstarts at Rs 89 month. After it becomes a mess, BigRock has the mostcomplicated pricing structure among all web hosting service providers in thecountry.


If youare curious to know how much hosting cost and want to take it at the least, gowith ChemiCloud. This company has largely proved to be the most reliable webhosting service provider that offers the cheapest services without compromisingwith the quality.

Itoffers a wide range of web plans with the right mix of features based on aLIte-Speed Web Server. Also, it features like cached optimized and PHP up to 3Xfaster than Apache, which makes sure a brilliant page loading speed and a highperformance on a consistent basis. But to get an SSL certificate and freedomain registration, you need to take Premium and Unlimited website hostingplans.

 In the End

I hopeyou enjoyed the article of Best Web Hosting Companies in India; each of thesecompanies offers terrific continuous support, instinctive interfaces and alsoadditional features. You just need to consider your needs and choose the rightweb service for your website.

Areyou using any other hosting services in India that are not mentioned above,please share in the comment below? In case, you have faced any problem withthese listed hosting service providers or other web hosting providers orcompanies, share your experience.

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