Avsar: Employing The Unparalleled, The Best

Avsar Employing the unparalleled, for the best

Avsar: Employing The Unparalleled, The Best

Avsar is an emerging next-generation recruiting and HR Service provider. With Talent Management as their forte, they help organisations in finding people who not just meet the required skill set but also match their vision.

They provide end-to-end HR Solutions with a suite of services that include CEO & Executive Hiring, Lateral Hiring, VolumeHiring, Temporary Staffing, and Compliance Management.

Since their inception in December 2016 in Bengaluru, they have grown both in terms of their client base as well as employee strength.

Starting with a small team of 12 members and 4 clients, the company now marks its presence in over 180+ locations and has successfully served over 150+ clients completing over 13 thousand placements successfully.

The company has ensured a strong foundation with the help of its dedicated, energetic,& enthusiastic team and is now raring to take the next leap – making themselves more innovative, bigger, stronger, and sustainable.

Employers outsource recruitment to gain the expertise, resources, and scalability they need to effectively manage the spikes and dips of their hiring process.

Several recruitment outsourcing services are deployed due to rapid growth or expansion, setting up bases at new locations, response to compliance issues, etc.

Recruitment outsourcing services are a great way to get much-needed recruiting support. By streamlining the recruitment process, introducing best practices, and appropriate technology, and removing any unnecessary procedures, companies can significantly reduce recruitment costs.

Outsourcing the recruiting function to someone who is better at recruiting can improve the speed and the quality of the hires. A recruitment outsourcing services provider invests time, energy, and resources into sourcing, screening, and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to the client.

Following on these lines, this new entrant into the Recruitment and Staffing space, Avsar, brings in quite the package – aiming to root out the One-approach-fits-all strategy towards recruitment.

By ensuring crisp and precise understanding of each of their Client's lines of business and in their organisational culture before stepping into their workforce needs. Thus, consequently leading to a perfect fit for both the employer and the candidate.

This approach also helps Avsar curb the problem of hired attrition. By factoring in organizational culture fit as well as candidate aspirations – for successful long-term associations between the employer and the employee.

And last but not least, by providing high-quality sourcing, Avsar ensures an impressively high rate of first-touch conversions. Resulting in high returns for both the client's as well as the candidates' time and resources invested.

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The principal element that differentiates Avsar from the rest of the players today in the Recruitment and Staffing business is that, at Avsar, everyone is an ardent believer in the fact that it is more of a business-critical function rather than a support function.

They recognizes the unparalleled importance of understanding the needs of the employer, the candidates, as well as their coherent business environment.

Topping this with their sincere acknowledgement towards time being of utmost essence– Avsar manages to provide absolute and quality results within remarkable turnaround times, creating a niche for themselves in the market.

In this ultra-competitive space, Avsar continues to steadily march ahead, maintaining the highest levels of client satisfaction and striving to be the epitome in Quality & Service delivery.

The firm benchmarks every delivery to a wow experience and, ensures not to commit the cardinal sin of over-committing and under-delivering. By soliciting proactive feedback, Avsar ensures improvement immediately and works on it before that small little thing turns into into opportunity for the competition to swoop in.

Keeping abreast of the latest shows, news, trends, and changes – Avsar adapts and evolves regularly as per the changing social, business, and economic ecosystems.

The firm keeps a keen tab on technology to leverage productivity & efficiency to stay a step ahead of the rest, and keep building that edge over the competition.

Avsar incorporates the five must-have qualities for today's HR professionals – The right balance between passion, Empathy, Accountability, Trust worthiness, Understanding the importance of engagement, and Innovation.

E-commerce, Logistics, BPO/KPO,IT/ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Quick Bite Chain,Media & Communication, Automobile, Retail, Digital Marketing, and RealEstate are some of the industries served by the company.

Providing a glimpse of their future plans, Avsar plans to aggressively expand its portfolio of services to newer industries, throughout the year.

The firm also plans to continue to grow the payroll book size, and, exponentially increase technology integration as well as take concrete steps towards automation in the Payroll and Compliance spaces. So, that there is a simultaneous upward growth both in volumes as well as efficiency speed.

Addressing Industry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Avsar's advice is not to try to copy the competition because you are special. Keep justifying what brought YOU in and Do not lose track of being the true YOU."

The leadership team at Avsar is a fusion of excellence with expansive experience in the HR industry, entrepreneurial acumen, and, operational proficiency.

The leadership team at Avsar is represented by:

  • Navneet Singh – Founder and CEO

Navneet holds a distinctive career in the line of Human Resources – spanning across industries and spread through a decade of active HR association.

  • Satyabrata Sethy – Founder and COO

Satyabrata, with his expertise in computation and analytics helps businesses chart the right direction.

  • Nitish Rao – Co-founder

Nitish carries deep understanding and expertise in Business Operations coming from his extensive exposure to different business ecosystems.

  • Prateek Jha – Co-founder

Prateek brings in vast experiences from a number of business houses, adding to the strong business acumen at Avsar.

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