Nishant Gupta: A Visionary That “Simply” Founded a Dominant Interior Designing Brand

Nishant Gupta: A Visionary That “Simply” Founded a Dominant Interior Designing Brand

Nishant Gupta: A Visionary That "Simply" Founded aDominant Interior Designing Brand

Owning a "dreamhome" is every individual's dream and when it comes true, one needs it to bedesigned to be exactly how they want. As much as exhausting the job of findingthe correct space is, living in a comfortable, tastefully designed yetaffordable place is now "simple" with Simply Interiors. The interiordesigning brand has showcased an exceptional growth since its inception in 2017delivering quality solutions to the customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka with active presence in Hyderabadand Pune as well, the company specializes in interior design, home design, andInterior Decoration.

 The journey of the company from its foundationis inspiring as the company was founded by Nishant Gupta, a man from thecomplete non-design background but with high entrepreneurial spirits.

"I am anex-serviceman from Indian Navy. After completing my MBA from Xavier Instituteof Management (XIM), Bhubaneswar, I worked with ITC and Britannia in varioussales and marketing profiles. I entered the world of entrepreneurship andbecame a serial entrepreneur; I have done business in food, grocery as well asa marketing consultancy. Interiors started 5 years back with another brand whichlater became Simply Interiors." Nishant stated his entrepreneurial journey.

Passionate aboutinterior designing, Nishant Gupta further shares his views on being associatedwith the company "I love the fact that this is a continuously changing industry.The material that is being used everywhere today may not exist tomorrow. Somany possibilities exist just in terms of how you can help a family get itsdream home. The smiles of our customers at the end of a project say it all."

Practical Designs: The USP of Simply Interiors

"Our designs arepractical. I have seen designers go overboard in designing things which in theend become completely impractical. What's the point of wasting space in abookshelf under the pretext of "design" when the purpose of the unit is to keepbooks inside a bedroom, eventually increasing the cost for the customer?"

Putting hisvision into reality, Nishant with Simply Interiors turns fuss-free and simpledesigns into reality and creates high-quality living space solutions whether itis designing a luxury suite or a simple task of finishing bathroom and kitchenfittings.

Team and Clientele

The "SimplyInteriors Team" is focused and dedicated to delivering the "best inclass" services as they collectively bring their experience to the table.With its prime focus on residences, the company largely deals with the "ITCrowds" of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. The company plans to expand itsfunctions in a phased manner to the other cities across the country. The brandis strategically aiming to achieve its goals and avoids additional manpowerunless necessary to ensure cost-effectiveness. This helps the brand keep a"lean structure" as they can pass the cost benefits as "lower prices" to thecustomers.

The companyfocuses on providing affordable interior solutions. But the term"affordable" does not restrict their services, as they also serve thehigh-end clientele with the premium and expensive products. The company offersits services and products to a diverse set of clients looking for differentspaces.

"For a personwho buys a Rs.40 lakh 3 BHK, the definition of affordable is different from aperson who spends Rs.2 crore on a 3BHK. We cater to both the people and provideaffordable solutions to both of them." Nishant Gupta, Founder, Simply Interiors

Recent Projects for Simply Interiors: Designing LuxurySpaces

Simply Interiorsrecently designed a guest lounge for a premium apartment complex. The teamplanned the lounge to give the impression of being in an art gallery withpaintings all around along with a cafe setting. The brand has successfullyfinished several villas which are luxurious and aesthetic as the teamenvisaged.

Experience: Key to Running Successful Business

Founder ofvarious successful start-ups including Simply Interiors, Nishant Gupta startedhis entrepreneurial career and have achieved success in various industries. Asan entrepreneur, Nishant believes "A business is not about monetarytransactions. It's about getting together the right set of people with theright skills in the right places and giving them the right opportunities. Theability to identify these things is what comes with experience."

Business Mantra

Upright tradingof services for the payment received is the business mantra that the interiordesigning brand has been following since its inception and 1000+ projectsacross various cities.

"We don't chargebased on the payment capacity of a customer. We charge based on the cost ofwork which may be same for a particular wardrobe in a small 2BHK or a large bungalow.Our business mantra is to stay ethical and transparent in our dealings."

Leading the Whole Team towards Success

"I feel that forany entrepreneur, the biggest satisfaction comes from the fact that he isensuring that not just his family but many other families can have bread on thetable. We have a large number of direct employees and a proportionately largernumber of people indirectly related to Simply Interiors and it's a satisfyingfeeling to see them all succeed." Nishant shares his wisdom from hisentrepreneurial journey.

Future Plans: Investments and New Launch

VisionaryNishant Gupta shares his views on the plans for the company in the upcomingyears "As far as Simply Interiors is concerned, we plan to scale up their backend with new factories and launch in new cities in the upcoming year. We arecurrently exploring the market for investments. Plans to launch a couple ofother brands in interiors are also in the pipeline which will complement SimplyInteriors in the time to come."

Practice, the Key to Success: Advice from a SeasonedLeader

"Learn andwork hard. Whatever is taught in colleges is simply not enough if you want tosucceed. Learn on the job. Go to sites and don't try to just sit behind alaptop. Check out new things. Go to the shops to see what's new. See how acarpenter does things. The key to success is in knowing all these things."Nishant Gupta, the experienced visionary and leader with experience instart-ups and establishing successful brands shared his advice for the new aspirantsentering the Interior Designing industry.

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