Revolution Precrafted— interpreting aesthetic & artsy dream homes into reality.

Revolution Precrafted— interpreting aesthetic & artsy dream homes into reality.

Revolution Precrafted— interpreting aesthetic & artsy dream homes into reality.

Creating a revolution in the field of capital-intensive real estate is not an easy task. You need to offer something different and unique in order to stand out and disrupt time-tested processes and norms.

Yet with its brilliant business proposition, one startup prefab company with roots in Asia, is fast changing the real estate landscapes.

Revolution Precrafted, a firm that holds multibillion- dollar dealings in six continents and twenty-four countries in the world, is committed to disrupt and challenge the status quo prevalent in the traditional real estate market.

The company is now one of the biggest, if not the, biggest suppliers of prefab homes, pavilions and other structures in the world. It

unites over 80 of the world's preeminent architects, artists, and designers to create an exclusive series of prefabricated, livable spaces.

The prefabricated home concept offers a solution by greatly simplifying the process — picking a design from a selection and having it delivered right to your doorstep. They are breaking the monotony and challenging the status quo by delivering high design structures crafted by the world's leading designers and architects.

They are designers, artists, architects, thinkers, creators, innovators, researchers, writers, entrepreneurs and leaders committed to disrupting the status quo with high design and forward-thinking architecture.

They are addressing the pain points in the real estate industry by supplying designer homes globally at a fraction of a cost. With a network of cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient production systems, Revolution Precrafted is democratizing high-design and architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry-leading creatives.

At the moment Revolution's footprint has expanded to 24 countries, with over $8.5 billion worth of project revenues in the next 3-4 years. It is sent to deliver 35,000 units globally. But while it has reached dizzying heights, Revolution Precrafted Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio believes, that there is so much room for growth.

How did your organization get started? What was the underlying bedrock idea behind the incorporation of the company? What makes you stand apart from the crowd?

. We founded Revolution Precrafted to offer quality, cost-efficient and beautifully designed prefab homes and other structures. We researched extensively on this issue for a long time, keeping in mind the wide-scale complaints about the pain points of traditional homebuilding.

We wanted to challenge the status quo by offering speed, technology, cost efficiency and global brands.

While traditional construction takes a while to complete, we can build our structures in as fast as 2-3 months and we cut costs by employing modern robotics technology during fabrication.  The result of these efforts are beautifully crafted homes, designed by the some of the world's preeminent architects, designers, and artists.

What are the products and services offered under the organization's hat?

Branded products are

Homes– Every one of us desires to own the home of our dreams, but most of us don't even know where to start. The prefabricated home concept offers a solution by greatly simplifying the process — picking a home design from a selection and having it delivered right to your doorstep. However, the monotony of standard design can be uninspiring. We seek something efficient but we also want something special — a home that's carefully crafted, not just fabricated. Revolution Precrafted homes seamlessly unite the conveniences of a prefabricated home and the captivating visual delight that only true masters of design can create.

Pavilions (Transportable) – Collectors who have an insatiable thirst for new ways of experiencing art can now collect pieces of architecture and bring them right into their backyards. Revolution Pre-crafted Pavilions are collectible structures, whose wide variety of functions, complement an existing space. They are special additions to any home or open space, which can be anything from a dining pavilion to a pool pavilion. While they are utilized for everyday activities, they can also be just marveled at as the pieces of art that they are.

Pop-ups- Revolution's prefabricated pop-up structures are versatile, transposable, and modern. They provide to a wide variety of functions—restaurant, retail, gym, library, or spa. This exclusive pop-up collection is available in different sizes, from 18 square meters to 72 square meters.

Museums– Enjoy art exhibits and performances at our Revolution Museums: Four (4) modern museum structures by four notable Pritzker Prize designers -the only major museum of this caliber in Southeast Asia dedicated to the visual arts, performing arts, architecture and design, as well as art and technology.

Glamping- Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.

Furniture- We provide beautifully crafted and designed furniture items for your traditional and designer homes that goes with not only trend, superior art and design but also in comfort and soon office spaces.


Dubai- Revolution Precrafted bagged a $3.2 billion deal with Seven Tides for The World Islands project in Dubai. The startup company will design, supply, and install prefabricated two to three-bedroom luxury apartments and villas.

Bahrain- Revolution Precrafted entered the Bahrain market with Property One Investment Co. to supply 500 residential villas valued at about $320,000 each.

Brazil- Revolution Precrafted bagged a $460 Million deal in Brazil to develop The Farm, a private property where the King of Portugal would spend his summers when visiting Brazil, to an eco-friendly private resort.

Cyprus- Revolution Precrafted signed an agreement with local retail and property conglomerate Cyprus Trading to supply residential units, holiday villas and glamping accommodation at golf resorts and hillside villages in the cities of Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos.

EL SALVADOR- Revolution Precrafted signed a $3.4 billion deal with Inversiones LaGuardia S.A. to supply 40 one-bedroom upper midscale residential units in El Salvador.

JAMAICA- Revolution Precrafted has signed an exclusive country dealership with NOVO Development Ltd to supply prefab products and services in the country.

JAPAN- The unicorn company bagged a $2.8 Million deal in Japan to develop at least 85 luxury, design-driven prefabricated boutique hotel villas at a beachfront property on Miyako Island, Okinawa.

MYANMAR- The startup company collaborates with Myanmar conglomerate KT Group for the $1.2-billion Okkyin City riverside property in Yangon, which includes a jetty pier, sports and recreation facilities, bus terminal, green parks, a school, a student accommodation, a business park, a sports hotel, and a riverfront retail and commercial pop-up network.

PERU- Revolution Precrafted entered a deal with Builders and Realtors for the supply of residential units on a 10-hectare property in Piura, Peru further expanding its footprint in South America.

Philippines- The prefab home concept offers a solution by greatly simplifying the process — picking a home design from a selection and having it delivered right at your doorstep. However, the monotonous standard design can be banal. We not only seek something efficient but we also want something special — a home that's carefully crafted, not just fabricated.

Puerto Rico- Revolution Precrafted signed a deal with Puerto Rican real estate firm Grupo Cacho to supply 2,000 residential villas on the island of Vieques and Boqueron Bay in Cabo Rojo.

SPAIN– Revolution Precrafted ties up with Barcelona-based BC Estudio to build $52 Million hotel villas and clubhouse in Spain.

What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used in promoting your business?

We have planned a global business roadshow to spread the word about our business proposition out in the market and are we using offline and online resources available to expand our reach. We are just almost three-year-old firm but we have grown our footprint to 24 countries. We believe that this response is the reflection of the approval and confidence of the Industry on what we provide.

What are the milestones for the company since inception? Does the organization has any new projects coming up and what is next for the company?

Since the inception of Revolution, we have bagged 31 world-class projects. These projects include the 3.2 Billion World Islands projects with Seven Tides of Dubai, the Okkyin project in Myanmar with KT Group, among others. We also have lined up big-ticket projects in California, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Japan. We will soon be developing mid-rise buildings and condominiums. We also plan to consider the possibility of building our own fabrication plant. In terms of global network, we hope to have business in 35 countries by the end of 2018 and 100 countries by the year 2020.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

To become a unicorn firm isn't an easy task. But with hard work, passion, and determination, we were able to transform our venture into one of the biggest prefab companies in the world. That is both rewarding and refreshing for us.

Dynamic Leadership

Jose Roberto Antonio, Founder & CEO

Antonio, 41, popularly known as Robbie among loved ones is a voracious art collector, has kind of inherent knack for property related business One word that describes Antonio best– I must say that it would be RESILIENT.

What piece of advice would you give to youth in the business environment?

'Don't be afraid to venture into something new, so long as you know that you have the right attitude and skills for it.'

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