Controlling Measures of Water Pollution

Controlling Measures of Water Pollution

Controlling Measures of WaterPollution 

Importance of NationalPollution Control Day

Every year on 2nd December we celebrate National PollutionControl Day to honour and remember those people who lost their lives in thetragic event of Bhopal Gas Calamity. This tragedy happened on the night of 2ndand 3rd December in the year 1984 as a poisonous chemical gas known as MethylIsocyanate(MIC) was discharged from the Union Carbide Chemical Plant positionedin the city.

Steps to control waterpollution on Individual level

According to WorldHealth Organization (WHO)

  • By 2025, half of the world's population will be living inwater-stressed areas.
  • In least developed countries, 22% of health care facilitieshave no water service, 21% no sanitation service, and 22% no waste managementservice.

But what measures are we taking on individual level tocontrol water pollution? One thing is clear to all that clean water is vitalfor living still we do many things sub-consciously that may contribute to thewater pollution in various ways. On this occasion of National Pollution ControlDay, we are going to share a few easy and inexpensive methods to protect waterpollution at the individual level.

  • Always keep water pollution in mind while shopping

 You can prevent thisissue by not buying chemicals which are used in households like pesticides asthey have persistent and dangerous chemicals. There are many non- toxic andbiodegradable cleaners which are now available in the market. So it is a humblerequest to everyone to use these products, it might cost you little extra butit can reduce the water pollution to a great extent.

  • Don'tdump grease and fats in the drain

You should never dispose of fats, grease and other cookingoils in the drains as it might block it. Always dump them in a trash can or ajar and you can also dispose them with other solid wastes. If you dump them inthe drain they might clog and back up in your yards and basements. It alsoaffects the quality of local water bodies.

  • Disposeof Medical Waste Properly

One big mistake that is made by most of the households isthat they flush their medicines into the toilets or throw them into any waterbody near them. These drugs mix with water and then in the bodies of water andwild animals.  These chemicals causevarious problems in anyone who drinkthat contaminated water.

  • EatOrganic food items

Well, even in organic food,there is a little hint of chemical as they are produced with few syntheticchemicals.The type of food youconsume will largely impact the amount of chemical that will go in the water.There is a huge impact on the environment through the food we choose to eat.

  • Reportthose who pollutes water bodies

One of the major steps that every citizen of India shouldtake is to report people who pollute water bodies like who pour oil in stormdrains, toss bags of trash in a stream and many more. There are several casesof illegal disposal of waste which are never been reported and often aren'tcleaned up.

  • SupportEnvironmental Charities

There are several organizations and charities in every citythat works to protect water bodies across the region. So, no matter where youlive, there is an organization in your area. All you have to do is to do aGoogle search that "Environmental Charities near me" and you will have theircontact details.

Even if you don't want to associate with a charity, you canmake a habit to clean water bodies in your area along with your friends.

  • Trynot to use plastic items or containers

Plastic has been an environment killer for decades now. Itemslike poly bags, containers and plastic bottles are causing enormous harm to theMother Nature.  A plastic bottle can takeup to 50-70 years to decompose and there is an innumerable amount of plastic inthe sea. It is better to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic items.Use reusable, insulated containers to hold drinks and make your filtered waterat home.

  • KeepYour Vehicles from Leaking

This might seem a small issue but it can have a huge impacton the environment. Fluids that leaks from any motor vehicles end up in thelocal water streams. It can be solved easily, all you have to do is to maintainor repair your vehicles. It will also damage the life of your car or bike soanyway, it has to be repaired.

  • Plantmore and more trees

This is an obvious point as trees help to reduce any kind ofpollution be it air pollution or water pollution. Everyone should plant atleast one tree every month by taking permission from their local authorities orif you have your land, you can also plant trees in there.

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